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You Should Know About…

Hey IDEALists, its Dana again (get used to me ;)! You know how clothes and shoes and getting your hair/nails done used to be THEE most important things in life? And then you graduated and got a real job/got married/had a baby or some kinda combination of the three and now you have to decide on paneled draperies v. Roman shades (#teamRomanshades, btw)? Yes, well, I used to be tres resistant to any and all forms of domestication until I had my son. The more pregnant I got, the more HGTV I watched, and slowly but surely, I got bit by the decorating bug! Decorating a home can be daunting, its harder to replace a couch that doesn’t match than it is to replace a belt, and the idea of painting makes people so nervous for some reason! But you should know about…David Bromstad from HGTV! (Like how I pulled that together, dontcha?!)

A living room done by David Bromstad

David’s a color GURU! He was the Season One winner of Design Star on HGTV, and currently has his own show, Color Splash: Miami on the network as well. He’s known for his intricate weaving of textures, patterns, hi-low decorating, and of course, vibrant splashes of color! My personal favorite was a recent episode he did for a Miami ER doctor, where he redecorated not one, but THREE rooms for her! His signature is the custom artwork he does for each client, and now, you can purchase reproductions of some of his paintings through I’ve already ordered the high heeled sandal myself!

Artwork is one of the easiest ways to ease into a personal decorating style, and, should your tastes change, its as simple as taking the picture off the wall! I was totally a “neutrals only” girl until I started watching David’s design, now I’m slowly integrating colors into my already existing neutral designs. This morning, via Twitter, David also announced that he’s doing a bed and bath collection with 1888 Mills (! David Bromstad is definitely becoming one to watch for in the world of interior design, and I love that he’s getting more and more accessible. Kinda like a Martha Stewart with tribal tattoos…