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FASHION WARS!: Rihanna vs. Selita Ebanks

Last nigh supermodel Selita Ebanks attended the Samsung Children for Hope Event wearing a velvet halter gown from Carlos Miele’s Fall 2011 collection. However, pop star Rihanna was the first to rock the dress on American Idol back in April. While both women looked beautiful, I’m feeling Rihanna’s overall look & better fit of the dress. You can see more of her curves in it. Besides, Selita’s new cropped do has to grow on me.

  • Rihanna! Its hard to follow up this trendsetter!
  • Selita of course! She’s a supermodel, she makes every look perfection!

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Kimora Lee Simmon’s Closet Confession!

I had this idea a while ago to go into some of my favorite celebrities & bloggers’ homes & have them give me an exclusive tour through their closets to see what prizes & possessions they have in it! Unfortunately beat me to the punch. It’s still a great idea nonetheless! & their latest feature was my BELOVED,  Idealist Kimora Lee Simmons!

Check out Kimora’s “Closet Confession” BELOW:

She said this closet is a small satellite version of the mothership closet, but with the Chanel cocoon bags, custom designed Manolos, & diamond encrusted hour glass- I’d take this “smaller” closet any day! & I’m still not giving up on the idea of doing my own closet confessions. They need a correspondent to go in with the celeb to get them to chat & make the experience more FUN! The celebrity is on their own turf so they’re vulnerable &  it makes them more comfortable opening up to you. The point is to get them to let their hair down so to speak. So, hopefully Bluefly will give me the opportunity to do just that. Just putting it out in the universe…..

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Remember when Rihanna first started rocking the red hair for her latest cd #LOUD? Everyone was saying “What in the world Rihanna“? But NOW it seems as though other celebs have latched on to join the campaign! If there is 1 thing that is definitely apparent, Rihanna is a trendsetter HANDS DOWN! With everything she does, people ALWAYS follow suit. So what do we think of celebs rocking their “Rihanna Red” hair ?

Are you feeling it?

There’s Melissa (Rhi’s best friend) reading this post out #LOUD to Rihanna as she laughs at the other celebrities who have joined her red hair campaign. j/k lol This photo was taken yesterday when they were shopping at Fred Segal in West Holloywood!

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These LANVIN Lucite Wedges Kick A@*!

Actress Rachel McAdam’s hit the red carpet wearing these Lanvin wedge’s to the premiere of her latest film “Morning Glory” & her shoes stole the show! Don’t they just scream “Haute B*tch”?! Excuse all of my french, but the S&M vibe from these just did something to me! GASM

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I posted this photo of my new style crush Solange wearing these bomb gold/metallic shoegasms. So yesterday when I saw Rihanna wearing what look’d like the same wedges I had to know who they were by. I google’d hard & finally gave up & tweeted @solangeknowles on a whem 2 ask her for the designer. & Guess what?!!!
SHE RESPONDED: “Zanotti” (U know I freaked!, thnx again Solange)

& while we’re on the subject….

I must be honest. I used to DESPISE a gold shoe! But now I think they’re actually a HAUTE buy especially for Fall season!

Besides the Giuseppe Zannoti’s above, I have spotted a few more faves online. Something as subtle as the Tory Burch “Reva” flat or flashy as the sparkly “Stella” pumps from H by Halston available @ Bakers can add just enuf splash to ur look! Be inspired by BOLD GOLD! Start w/ a simple shoe or maybe a bag & go from there!

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There’s nothing like a woman that smells good! but sometimes it can be tough finding certain perfumes & lotions that work well with your body chemistry. Personally, I love scents that always remind me of a certain time or certain occasions so that’s what I look for when I pick a fragrance. & I have managed to find a few that have become my signature for the SUMMER! All are refreshing , light citrus scents that are not so sweet that they’ll attract flies. & Since we are on the last days of this hot season, I thought I’d share…Check ’em out below!


MEN REALLY LUV THIS SCENT… @ least they do on me! The first time I put it on a random guy said & I quote “YOU SMELL HOTT“! I’d never gotten such a reaction from a random stranger just because of the lotion I was wearing! So I decided to get the matching body wash 2 match! Now for me the body wash was key because fragrances tend not to last on me EVER! Bt this layering made it last all day! The scent is comparable to citrus, but not so fruity that its girly & obnoxious. Guys usually compare it to fresh peaches!


The name is pretty self explanatory. Another citrus. But unlike the “delight“, this is a bit stronger when you first put it on. It really awakens your senses to say the least so its better not to overindulge! However, once it dies down the smell lingers & every1 will ask you what you are wearing. It smells really good. Good enough to eat! & the best thing is you don’t have to try to make this last by layering w/ body wash or spray because it last a good while with just the lotion alone.


This is a new 1 for me. I like this collection alot better than their usual signature candy like fragrances VS has. Its ALOT more sophisticated! & the scents are less predictable! I actually accidentally got addicted to this collection. I had put the Vanilla Sandlewood lotion on & was so upset because it smelled horrible & I had put so much on! But after a while I kept smelling something that smelled so good & realized it was ME! After it had died down, it kept lingering & I loved it. So I thought I would try other scents from the Naturally VS collection which brought me to Acai Berry & Magnolia!

The best way I can describe this scent is that it smells like a breath of fresh air w/ a citrus sweet twist. Its just so refreshing you have to smell it. I love the body wash & the lotion. Although for some reason the smaller hand lotion’s smell seem to last longer than the regular size. But the best part is the body spray HANDS DOWN! It feels soooo good on the skin. It’s like a moisturizer! THEE BEST!

The great thing about all these scents is that they complement each other. I mix them all the time. & every combination works without being overpowering. The bath & body works fragrances are no longer carried in the regular stores but, their outlets always have them & their really cheap 2. I get a bunch of the smaller bottles of “delight” for like 5 for $5! Try @ least 1 of these out & let me know what you think!

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So I was reading & she was goin on & on about how FOINEEEE Michael Ealy was looking @ the premiere of Takers. & I totally concur sister! I’m not exactly sure what the movie is about or if I actually want 2 c it, but it brought this fine man out. & isn’t that all that really maters? I’ve always had a HUGE crush on the piercing blue eyed actor especially when he played Halle’s love interest in “Their Eyes Were Watching God”! ……Give me a moment…..

Okay I’m back! Mr. Ealy, T.I., Idris  all the rest of the Takers hits theaters August 27th!

& Speaking of  Sexy Men w/ beautiful eyes….
Another crush of mine, Jesse Williams, was recently spotted at the ABC Television Critics Association Panel (Aug 1st). The 28 year old SUPER HOT actor has become a regular on Grey’s Anatomy. Too bad he is happily engaged to a real estate broker named Aryn. The good 1s are always taken….*sigh*

Idealists who are some of your celebrity crushes? DISH!

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Actress Betty White is America’s new “It” Girl & now Ideal’s newest Icon! This is a NO BRAINER for the Ideal site. I’ve always LOVED Betty White! Unless you’re family or a really close friend, you may not know that Golden Girls is my FAVORITE show in the world! Since I was a little girl I could watch Rose w/ Dorothy, Sophia, & Blanche on Lifetime until my eyes bled- literally all day. I loved it that much! So much so that I’ve always felt a close bond with all of them- in a non psychotic way of course….

Anyways…Back to Betty!

The comedic actress has had a career that spans many generations & tonight she will become the oldest person EVER 2 host Saturday Night Live along w/ an appearance from rapper Jay Z! If that’s not freakin AWESOME idk what is! In our society aging is usually looked down upon, especially if u’re a woman in Hollywood, but as Betty so eloquently puts it ‘The older you get, the better you get, unless you’re a banana.’” Betty proves that you shouldn’t fear age! She makes it kool & look like a ton of fun! & @ 88 she’s still just as relevant as she was when she first started back in the 40’s AND her popularity is @ its strongest to date! She’s beautiul, has so much charm, charisma, & wit, & is funny as hell. She’s America’s sweetheart! & I love her to pieces!

Here she is on the red carpet @ the Time 100 Gala a few days ago! Doesn’t she look amazing!?

& be sure to tune in to watch her tonight on SNL! check out 1 of her promo clips below!

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When I said it takes a certain kind of woman to wear Versace, I definitely meant a chic like Ciara! The muse for Givenchy took a break from the edgy designer to wear head to toe Versace @ the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Style party last night & she look UH-FREAKIN-MAZING! I mean smoking hott! She spilled so much sexiness out this dress it was ridiculous! & I love how a dress this short & tight still manages to have a slit, BUT like I said it takes a certain woman to pull off Versace & Ciara did just that. She paired the dress with 7 inch platform’d stilettos from their s/s ’10 collection that I reported on a while back. Cute! I guess slowly but surely they are moving on from BET & catching on everywhere else…..I’m sure this look made Donatella so proud! I see her being the muse in the future…just puting it out there

The honoree for ‘Style Icon of the Decade’, Jennifer Lopez hit the red carpet wearing a Georges Chakra Spring 2010 Couture dress. Not as hott as her promo chic fits, but I like it! In true diva style the caged corset is made out of Swarvoski crystals & she paired it with a gold clutch & matching heels. On another note…Don’t you just love how she poses on the red carpet! Especially the pose to the left. Its just nasty, sexy, come hither cuz I’m hott & I know it! LOVE HER!


Ciara’s bestie, Lala, also hit the red carpet wearing s/s ’10 Versace stilettos. These are the same 1s that Eva wore to the Monique show. You know whenever I think of Ciara, Lala & Kim I always picture them callin each other up b4 they go out and saying “Girl what you gon wear“. You know like typical friends do because they ALWAYS seem to be either similar in styling or wearing almost the same thing. “Girl you wearing ur new Versaces?/ Me 2!” See ya there!

My celeb crush Jason Williams! Isn’t he swexxxy! Mmm Hmmm! To bad he’s taken..but I can still lust can’t I? Anyway, he hit up the party 2!

Dancing with the stars contest Nicole Scherzinger also hit the red carpet. I think the dress is cute, but it looks like club gear. Ya know like something you can easily pick up from the mall. Not high end @ all, but for some reason since this was put together by US Weekly, I didn’t expect much style than say if this was a Harper’s Bazaar party. I mean Jennifer Lopez is A- list & stylish, but for this event that’s where my expectations stopped. Take that however you’d like.

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The only accessory I usually wear is a pair of pearl studs with EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE! However, this spring I thought I might take a walk on the wild side & step it up a little…Well ALOT! A big trend this season is: STATEMENT ACCESSORIES! To get a bit of inspiration for your own wardrobe I thought I’d share a designer who always makes the most beautiful pieces: LANVIN! Here are just a few examples from the designer’s spring ’10 collection!


Okay now when trying to find necklaces like these on your own, look for items that still give you an “edge”! Like the chains & bright bold colors! It helps to draw the fine line between kool & costume! No one wants to look like they’ve been rummaging through granny’s vintage treasure chest!


If necklaces aren’t your usual fortay I suggest trying a bracelet for starters! Its just as BOLD! Mix chains, with chunks & clusters for an extra over the top WOW!


A bracelet still doing the most!? Well, don’t fret we can take baby steps…Something as small as a ring can also speak volumes & update your “everyday” look! I think this is a start where I would be more comfortable as well. Unfortunately, these rings aren’t from Lanvin. I spotted them on where else?! But they’re just as cute!

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