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The "Bucket List"

Have you ever seen the movie “The Bucket List”? Me neither, but I quite get the concept. People making lists of things they’d love to do before they erm…kick the proverbial bucket. I’ve seen some outlandish bucket list items, some of which might contribute to the person’s earlier than expected demise. I have a bucket list, and mine mostly includes seeing pretty much every important battlefield in human history and surfing all the world’s great beaches. But I also have a fashion bucket list. This list includes items that are rare and exceedingly expensive, bags and shoes that were all the rage five and six seasons ago, but who’s elegance and chic-ness are forever burned in my memory (wow, that sounded so poetic!) These five items, if I were to ever be hardworking and diligent enough to afford, would make me “complete”, in a fashion sense. Had I these five items, I might not want for anything else (except shoes…one can never have enough shoes…)

1. The Chanel 2.55 Bag in Cream: I alluded to this purse in an earlier post here. While the classic staple, created by Coco Chanel herself, is consistently available for sale, you’d be hard-pressed, especially in this economy, to find it slung over the shoulder of your local soccer mom at the Kroger. The smallest size of this bag is $3400, and the largest size is an astronomical $6300! But she (yes, SHE) is sooooo worth it!

2. The Fendi “Spy” Bag: Now I’m about to switch it up and get ghetto fabulous on ya! The Fendi Spy was THEE bag of all pro athlete baby mamas, video “models”, and newly famous reality stars in 2007. It was also heavily knocked off. You can find Armenian men hawking garishly colored faux python version of this purse in your local mall kiosk, usually not far from the Dead Sea lotion people. But somehow, in the midst of all that flagrant name-dropping (Fat Joe actually said he wouldn’t sleep with a chick who didn’t own one, I feel as though I’ve dodged a bullet there), my love for this bag still endures. Its a bit flashier than what I usually go for, but I guess we all have a little hood in us, right?

3. The Hermes “Kelly” Bag: HA! You thought I was gonna say Birkin, didn’t ya?! Well, I wouldn’t kick Birkin out for eating crackers in bed, if you know what I mean (apologies if you don’t, its an old Rodney Dangerfield phrase), but the Kelly has always been nearer and dearer to my heart. For starters, I love Jane Birkin, especially her bangs, but she’s a little too “hippie” for my tastes (I’m am second only to Eric Cartman in my hatred of all things hippie). Now Grace Kelly on the other hand…Grace is my GIRL! So, because my personal style leans more towards Her Highness than Madam Birkin, and because I don’t “do” oversized bags that one could fit a toddler in, I’m on #teamKelly. I would buy this bag in any color if I could, but I really really like the camel colored crocodile skin!

4. The Jimmy Choo/Hunter Wellington Collection: Switching it up a bit to long-coveted, non-affordable shoes, these Wellies are positively drool-worthy, in my most humble opinion. First of all, I love Jimmy Choo. I love Tamara Mellon, I love that Jimmy Choo is HER company, and I love her style. Second, I love Kate Moss. And Kate Moss was once iconically photographed at the Glastonbury Festival (back in the Oasis days, before it got all “cool” to go) wearing a faded black tank top, slung in that oh so Kate Moss way, cut off jeans, and Hunter Wellington boots (it used to be quite the muddy affair, that Glastonbury. Not anymore, can you really see a Beyonce fan doing the Single Ladies dance on a blanket in the mud?) Wellingtons have always been the shoe of choice for avid English gardeners, so Kate gave it a level of cool previously unseen (I would also like to mention, my grandmother, ever the proper lady, bought me a pair of navy blue Wellies in kindergarten. Unless you actually looked at my mother’s paychecks, you wouldn’t have known by looking at me that we were far from rich.) In 2009, Jimmy Choo and Hunter collaborated to come up with sleek, crocodile skin versions of the English classic. These are way more affordable and accessible than the previous mentions, and when I went to the Jimmy Choo website (, I discovered that they’re on sale for $212.50! OMG! (SN: They’re only in limited sizes, hence the sale price, but you can give them your email address and they will notify you when your size is in stock again.)

5. The Cartier Tank Americaine: This is where my history nerd comes out full force. The grateful Monsieur Cartier created this watch in 1917 with the liberating Allied troops in mind after WWI. The strap is meant to resemble the tracks our tanks make, hence the name. It was the de rigeur watch for high-ranking French and American military officers after that. Then, in 1959, one of my favorite First Ladies, the indomitable Jackie Kennedy Onassis, saw the watch, which was strictly a man’s watch at the time, in her husband’s drawer, and decided to wear it while on vacation in Europe. Everything Jackie O. did back then made headlines, and this was no different. She virtually pioneered women wearing strong watches! If I could only have one thing on this list, more so than the Kelly bag, I would wear this watch!