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IN SHUT THE FRONT DOOR NEWS: IDEAL will be STREAMING Gucci’s S/S ’12 Collection LIVE tomorrow!

Well I guess the title of the post pretty much says it all! The iconic Italian label will be showing their Spring/ Summer 2012 collection tomorrow in Milan and IDEAL will be streaming the show LIVE along with! I am ELATED! A few weeks ago when I attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference in New York I met the digital PR director for Gucci and she was so nice! I emailed her to let her know what a pleasure it was to meet her. 1st off, she actually responded & then she offered to allow me to stream their runway show on my site! Talk about an OMG moment! I was so overwhelmed that she actually took the time out of her super busy schedule to check out my little baby and then to let me stream their show LIVE…. I don’t know if any other blogs are streaming the show too, but if so I don’t care! To have a person from the actually fashion house personally let you showcase their collection was a HUGE compliment for me!

I hope you all will support by logging onto either IDEAL or at 9am to watch the show. You know its’s going to be AMAZING!

I D.efine E.ver A.spect of my L.ife”