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Nicki Minaj Covers Complex Mag

I LOVE this shot of Rapstress Nicki Minaj! It’s 1 of the photos featured in her spread for Complex mag’s 10th anniversary addition. I’m not a big fan of Nicki Minaj’s music. It’s not that I don’t like it. I’ll sing along if it comes on the radio, i.e. SuperBass….BUT i like Nicki Minaj the very saavy business woman more than her songs if that makes any sense

The girl is smart & has been making HUGE strides to build her empire & add to her bank accounts. i.e. The multi million dollar deal she just signed with Pepsi. Based on the cover interview I read, she’s very calculated about making her next move her best move & you can only respect & admire that.

I’m digging these shots of her. What do guys think of Ms. Minaj?

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TREND ALERT! Violent Lip Tattoos

The temporary lip tattoo dubbed “Violent Lips” has become quite popular amongst street savvy fashionistas & celebrities alike. Although, they are SO not me I actually like them. To me they make you look like a walking photo shoot or something out of an editorial ad. Some of the designs i.e. the leopard print can have the effect that you have some sort of nasty outbreak attacking your mouth, but I guess that’s why the name “violent” is so befitting. However, even with that odd appearance, i still find them quite kool for those bold enough to rock it.







You can view all the latest Violent lip collections on their site They are also available at your local sephora & ULTA. So, what do you guys think? Will you be trying them anytime soon?

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Ever Heard of More like GENIUS.COM!

Hey Idealists, get in here! Are you a product junkie & an avid lover of samples? If you’ve answered YES to both questions then I’d like to introduce you to Katia Beauchamp & Hayley Barna!

Photo Credit

The two Harvard graduates co founded, an online service created to help us gals sift through the many MANY products out there in the beauty world!


HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: You sign up for a subscription & each month you’ll get a box with about 4 to 5 luxury beauty samples that range from makeup, skin/haircare, fragrance, & body samples. Now I know you’re thinking “Ugh, not another subscription“! BUT get this, its only $10 per month with shipping included & you have different subscription options to choose from. Their site also features a “magazine” that will give you tips & how to’s on each of the products that they send.


Photo Credit

I absolutely LOVE this! Not only because this company was founded by two young & smart women entrepreneurs which we all know I am a total advocate of. But , also, I don’t know about you but I am ALWAYS looking to try whats new or the next best thing. This gives me a chance to do just that without having to go through every single product out there to see what works best for me.

Photo Credit

So, with that being said I can’t wait to try it out & I think you guys should too. I’m personally going to start with the month to month membership which can be canceled at any time with no fee attached. I also think since the holidays are here this would be a great gift for someone because we all know of at least 1 person or 10 that would LOVE this too. Visit the site for more deets, xoXO!

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Product Review: The Remington Tstudio Curling Wand *Updated*


Not too long ago I did a post about my new favorite hair product, the curling wand. One of my top brand choices to try was the Remington Tstudio Curling Wand. I was absolutely in love with it because it gave me big beautiful bouncy curls without the hassle. I was actually torn between The Remington Wand & the ConAir brand as I had purchased both & had great experiences with them, but ultimately decided on the Remington because it was pink & returned my ConAir Infiniti.

HOWEVERa few days ago I went to plug in my Remington wand to put waves in my hair for a night out on the town & to my surprise it would not turn on. My first thought: “Oh Hell To The Naw“! So, I tried a different socket & played with the power button because surely a product that I just purchased only 3 months ago would not just suddenly stop working. But it did! I was HOT & even more upset that I had lost my receipt & you guys know how that can go. Fortunately, I was able to go back to ULTA where I had originally purchased it & exchange it for the ConAIR wand with no problem.

Talk about disappointed! The Remington Wand had gotten such rave reviews even from myself but nowhere did i read about it just all of sudden not working. Maybe I just happen to get a bad one. On a brighter note, although the Conair wand usually comes in red, I ended up getting it in HOT PINK because of Breast Cancer Awareness month! #SCORE!

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I SPY: Dior & Betsey Johnson in Beyonce’s Party Video!

I’m usually not into watching music videos because they’ve become so redundant to me, but I really enjoyed Beyonce’s video for her song Party. I loved the concept with the bright colors & all the different scenarios. Everything was bold & had FUN energy including the wardrobe. & Me being me, I couldn’t help but recognize the cute & quirky shoes that made a cameo. 

DIOR “TAHITI” Espadrille Pump

Now I have to admit, I saw the Tahiti pump a while ago & I wasn’t a big fan. I didn’t get them. However, once I saw them in Beyonce’s video a light bulb went off. These were made for videos like this. They’re a “in your face shoe” & I actually thought they were cute on her. The Tahiti pump retails for $1550.
………On a More Cost Friendly Note……….
It’s an extra & not Beyonce wearing these adorable Betsey Johnson pumps around the 1:45 mark. Idealists Dana Dane purchased them when we went to Vegas back in July & I’ve wanted them ever since. I’m always a sucker for anything leopard print but the material of this shoe is velvet. CAY-UTE! Originally priced at $129, you can now get them on sale for only $83.28 PLUS free shipping at   

& since I love this song check out Beyonce’s Party video BELOW:

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Ideal IT Chic: Shiona Turini

IDEALISTS Meet Shiona!


photo credit

 I discovered her through twitter when someone retweeted a picture of her attending an event for JCrew. As with most of my “Love at first sight encounters”, I fell in love with her outfit . However, when I clicked to follow her I saw that her bio said: Accessories Director for Teen Vogue! Now as you can see Shiona looks no more than 24 to 25 years old. So I said “Who is this young gal with impeccable style that works for Teen Vogue”. I HAD TO KNOW MORE!



photo credit: 12, 3


So after a bit of “research” a.ka. googling I found out that Shiona’s living the life of most young fashionista’s dreams because of hard work & drive. She went to college, took on an internship with a PR agency and built relationships that landed her at one of the biggest fashion houses you can think of, YSL! She continued to work her way up the ranks to ultimately obtain the title of  Accessories Director at Teen Vogue and is now also the Editor and Chief of her online site,


photo credit: 1 2

You guys know I LOVE stories like this! I was truly inspired because she made a successful career out of her passion BUT she did the WORK  (keyword in this post) to achieve her goals. Aside from being my new style crush, she’s thee perfect example of what I feel it means to be IDEAL!


photo credit

 If you’d like to get a sneak peak into “A day in the life of Shiona“, follow her on twitter @shionat. Her timeline is FABULOUS. Her “shoe of the day” tweets alone will make your knees buckle!

street style photo: Tommy Ton



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So My New Favorite Blog is…..SONGOFSTYLE.COM!

IDEALISTs meet Aimee!pronounced “mommy” but without the M 🙂

She is the creator of her own stye blog & I am completely obsessed with it! I was first introduced to Aimee & her blog when I attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference. I was immediately drawn to her because she wore THEE cutest outfit! It was this nautical navy blazer with snake print pants & she had the best set of arm candy that I had seen in a while. She complimented the outfit with a pair of black suede plaformed pumps that I just knew had to be an expensive pair of shoes by Mui Mui. However when I asked her she said they were by Steve Madden! I said to myself:

Self, Who is this girl &
#2 Where did she come from?!”

I checked out her site & stayed on for a good hour clicking on page after page of her style diary. She has a way of putting different pieces together & mixing high & low end & the outcome works EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! I’m telling you guys if you’re looking for a new style inspiration please do not hesitate to vist!

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My Fashion Week Find: The Cambridge Satchel!

When I attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference last week I spotted two young ladies carrying this bag. One had the neon pink & the other had the yellow. You couldn’t help but notice it! All I kept thinking was :

#1  Whose that bag by? &

#2 Why had I never seen it before?

Well, both of the bloggers told me that the bag was by the Cambridge Satchel Company and as soon as I was able I went to google for the deets. Sure enough the site popped right up. Its actually quite popular! The satchel is available in many different styles & colors & you can even have it engraved. I was drawn to this bag because I love the unisex shape mixed with the bright neon colors. The “Fluro” collection is my absolute favorite, I can’t wait to order mine & personalize it with my initials  “DSB” or “IDEAL”- I haven’t decided yet…..

For more information visit! xoXO

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Documentary: GOD SAVE MY SHOES!

There’s nothing like the LOVE between a woman & her shoes! Its unconditional, POWERFUL & FINALLY someone has been able to capture that strong connection. Written & directed by Julie Benasra, the documentary “God Save My Shoes” traveled across the world interviewing die hard shoenistas to find out what is it that makes women obsess so much over shoes. It features everyone from your average woman, to IDEAL’s favorite shoe designers & superstars such as Christian Louboutin, Kelly Rowland, Fergie & Dita Von Teese.

Check out the trailer BELOW:

The film is set to be released October 4th on Canal Plus (TV France). Release dates for other areas have yet to be determined, but I can’t wait to see this in its entirety. For more information visit

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photo:, video:

Prouduct Must Have: The Curling Wand!

Ever wonder how you can achieve those sexy Kate Hudson loose beach waves, big Diana Ross curls, or Taylor Swift’s spirals? Well, I’ve found your solution:

The Curling Wand!

Enzo Milano

 Its an essential tool for hair gurus & a lifesaver for the hair handicapped such as myself because you’re able to instantly achieve so many different patterns with your hair WITHOUT the crimps & bend from a traditional curling iron. To top it all off the process doesn’t take as much time especially if you are doing the waves. You literally just grab sections of your hair, wrap it around, & GO!

Now you guys know I’m an avid googler. Its the only way I do my extensive research & there are numerous brands that are selling their version of the perfect curling wand, & the price can run all the way up to about $125. However, based solely on reviews from various sites, my top two contenders were:

1. Conair Infiniti

2 Remington Tstudio

Both are $29.99, had similar features & tons of RAVE reviews. I was a leery of Conair because their products are cheap & usually SUCK! However, this instance is not the case. The decision was hard, so I ended up buying both because I’m just that indecisive. I LOVED both but I stuck with the Remington ONLY because it got a little hotter & its pink. Yes pink was really my deciding factor!

Now I can’t lie, the curling wand looks easier to use than it really is, but once you get the hang of it, its fairly simple. 
Check out Master hair stylist Kelly Monica using her curling wand to achieve her big sexy curls BELOW

Pretty right? Her hair always gives me LIFE! XoXO

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