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STYLIST SPOTLIGHT: Alejandra Hernandez

Today necolebitchie posted the latest videos from an up & coming Australian rap artist named Iggy Azalea. First of all, Iggy looks like a SUPERMODEL but she spits these hardcore lyrics. She’s dope but I was INSTANTLY drawn to her style which I thought made the videos a visual STUNNER! “The Last Song” was super glamorous while “My World” had more street swag. Once I saw the Giuseppe wedges I was SOLD! A little google search led me to the brain behind Iggy’s look, Alejandra Hernandez.
The LA based stylist has been pulling her weight in the industry for a minute working with major brands like LEVI’s as well as celebrities. Karmaloop .com recently named her their “Chick of the Month” & interviewed her about her life in the industry.

On growing up in LA:
I was exposed to all sorts of LA subcultures……To this day I think my aesthetic is a product of everything I was influenced by back then.

On breaking into the business:
I always tell kids to look for internships with small local companies. LA has tons of them! Working with a small company is where you are going to really get the best learning experience.

On working with Iggy:
Dressing Iggy is so much fun because she is truly a visual artist so her and I draw inspiration from anything as random as old Elizabeth Taylor photos to photos from 90′s Versace dinners. Also, I always like to a display a presence through the clothing. I idolize women that are nothing less than boss bitches.

Check out the rest of her interview with karmaloop here. & peep Alejandra’s work in Iggy’s videos for “The Last Song” & “My World” below:

Make sure to follow both ladies on twitter: Alejandra @Aleherself & IGGY @IggyAzalea!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of L.IFE”
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