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Product Review: The Remington Tstudio Curling Wand *Updated*


Not too long ago I did a post about my new favorite hair product, the curling wand. One of my top brand choices to try was the Remington Tstudio Curling Wand. I was absolutely in love with it because it gave me big beautiful bouncy curls without the hassle. I was actually torn between The Remington Wand & the ConAir brand as I had purchased both & had great experiences with them, but ultimately decided on the Remington because it was pink & returned my ConAir Infiniti.

HOWEVERa few days ago I went to plug in my Remington wand to put waves in my hair for a night out on the town & to my surprise it would not turn on. My first thought: “Oh Hell To The Naw“! So, I tried a different socket & played with the power button because surely a product that I just purchased only 3 months ago would not just suddenly stop working. But it did! I was HOT & even more upset that I had lost my receipt & you guys know how that can go. Fortunately, I was able to go back to ULTA where I had originally purchased it & exchange it for the ConAIR wand with no problem.

Talk about disappointed! The Remington Wand had gotten such rave reviews even from myself but nowhere did i read about it just all of sudden not working. Maybe I just happen to get a bad one. On a brighter note, although the Conair wand usually comes in red, I ended up getting it in HOT PINK because of Breast Cancer Awareness month! #SCORE!

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