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Ever Heard of More like GENIUS.COM!

Hey Idealists, get in here! Are you a product junkie & an avid lover of samples? If you’ve answered YES to both questions then I’d like to introduce you to Katia Beauchamp & Hayley Barna!

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The two Harvard graduates co founded, an online service created to help us gals sift through the many MANY products out there in the beauty world!


HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: You sign up for a subscription & each month you’ll get a box with about 4 to 5 luxury beauty samples that range from makeup, skin/haircare, fragrance, & body samples. Now I know you’re thinking “Ugh, not another subscription“! BUT get this, its only $10 per month with shipping included & you have different subscription options to choose from. Their site also features a “magazine” that will give you tips & how to’s on each of the products that they send.


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I absolutely LOVE this! Not only because this company was founded by two young & smart women entrepreneurs which we all know I am a total advocate of. But , also, I don’t know about you but I am ALWAYS looking to try whats new or the next best thing. This gives me a chance to do just that without having to go through every single product out there to see what works best for me.

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So, with that being said I can’t wait to try it out & I think you guys should too. I’m personally going to start with the month to month membership which can be canceled at any time with no fee attached. I also think since the holidays are here this would be a great gift for someone because we all know of at least 1 person or 10 that would LOVE this too. Visit the site for more deets, xoXO!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”