Ideal IT Chic: Shiona Turini

IDEALISTS Meet Shiona!


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 I discovered her through twitter when someone retweeted a picture of her attending an event for JCrew. As with most of my “Love at first sight encounters”, I fell in love with her outfit . However, when I clicked to follow her I saw that her bio said: Accessories Director for Teen Vogue! Now as you can see Shiona looks no more than 24 to 25 years old. So I said “Who is this young gal with impeccable style that works for Teen Vogue”. I HAD TO KNOW MORE!



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So after a bit of “research” a.ka. googling I found out that Shiona’s living the life of most young fashionista’s dreams because of hard work & drive. She went to college, took on an internship with a PR agency and built relationships that landed her at one of the biggest fashion houses you can think of, YSL! She continued to work her way up the ranks to ultimately obtain the title of  Accessories Director at Teen Vogue and is now also the Editor and Chief of her online site,


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You guys know I LOVE stories like this! I was truly inspired because she made a successful career out of her passion BUT she did the WORK  (keyword in this post) to achieve her goals. Aside from being my new style crush, she’s thee perfect example of what I feel it means to be IDEAL!


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 If you’d like to get a sneak peak into “A day in the life of Shiona“, follow her on twitter @shionat. Her timeline is FABULOUS. Her “shoe of the day” tweets alone will make your knees buckle!

street style photo: Tommy Ton



I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife” 

2 thoughts on “Ideal IT Chic: Shiona Turini

  1. sheneka says:

    I am taking notes bc this chic style is HOT!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don'tcha LOVE it!? thx for the oomment nek! xoXO

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