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Throwback Photo Favorite Circa December 2009….

Marc Jacobs & boo on the Beach!

Its SPRING TIME! Warm weather, sunny skies & with the SUPER long hours of training that I’ve been putting in at work, I’ve never been more ready to hit the beach! Which made me think of designer Marc Jacobs! This is one of my FAVORITE pictures! Is that an Hermes bag? Is his man rocking a to die for LV monogram bag that he actually got beach sand on? & are they wrapped up in Louis Vuitton towels? YES, YES & YESSSS! Gosh I wanted one of those towels SO freaking BAD! Who wouldn’t want to go to the beach & be this fly?!? Dang I wish Marc had invited me! Hell I would have been the towel & bag carry girl, I wonder if I can still make this happen….Just putting it out there in the universe! 🙂

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”