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Who Do I Have To Sleep With……..? WEDNESDAY!

To get a Shearling Jacket for fall?

Burberry A/W collection: $3,595!

Burberry’s a/w ’10 collection made shearling coats law for the fall & I want 1 SO FREAKIN BAD! & none of that faux stuff or the jackets w/ just the shearling trim. NO! I want a 100% authentic shearling jacket. & just lke most things that I obsess over, they are NOT cheap!

Rag & Bone $1875

3.1 Phillip Lim $1500!

I like the bulkiness of the jacket being paired with a feminine dress or dressed down with jeans! The coat speaks VOLUMES! & although they are a bit pricey, its an investment because you can keep this coat for seasons to come!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”




Ever heard of Sheckys? If not! SHAME ON YOU! Its the ultimate girls night out where you & your friends came come together in 1 place to drink, shop, & load up free goodies & just have a GREAT time! I went to the Shecky’s in Atlanta on Wednesday for the very 1st time. It was held at the Fabulous Biltmore Ballrooms & believe me the event EXCEEDED my expectations!

 1st up….. THE GIFT BAG!

When I first arrived to Shecky’s the very first thing me & my bestie Tash did was make a B line to the table to get our gift bags! Who doesn’t want free stuff? I felt so VIP! & guys believe me when I tell you this gift bag was spilling w/ overload from all the good stuff in it! Things that you’ve been wanting to try! exclusive items! You think it, it was probably in that gift bag!


I made my way into the main event! First of all it was so packed! & It was so good to see so many women out w/ their friends, sisters, loved 1s just laughing and having such a good time!

It was like the ultimate Girl Power of the Traveling Ya Ya Sisterhood! lol Even the dj was a woman! All I kept thinking was ” I wish Tyra Banks was here to see this“! She’d be so proud!

THEN there was the SHOPPING!!!!

Everyone knows I’m a complete shopaholic! & when I started walking around, I’m telling you its like I heard angels singing! There were different vendors from exclusive boutiques to well known brands that were at our fingertips to shop shop shop!

Necklace: Hush Boutique! Cute right?

Accessories, clothes, wine, shoes, EVERYTHING! I almost spent all my money! lol Some places that stuck out to me were the Hush Boutique & Jolie Boutique. Both had super cute clothes & accessories of GREAT quality but for extremely reasonable prices. I picked up a ring from Jolie that was only $16! STEAL RIGHT? & I’ve gotten so many compliments on it!

Also, I was able to try this new body butter from “The Body Shop”! To Die For! I usually hate body butter because its so thick like shea butter, but this 1 was like silk & it left my hands so soft!

There was also a display for makeovers by Maybelline! It was so much stuff there, I wish I could have stayed all nite!


The Shecky’s event is only for chics 21 & up so there was free drinks flowing EVERYWHERE! I don’t even drink @ all because I HATE the taste of alcohol, but Shecky’s got ME of all people 2 drink! They had a vendor there from RATED X. It tasted just like pink lemonade! SO GOOD! I had like 3 drinks!

I even attended their beer tasting where they paired different beers w/ food! Now, I don’t like beer & there was just no getting around that,  BUT I thought the set up was kool & very different!


That’s my bestie Tash on the far left! Hey Tash! lol

Can’t stress that enough! I encourage ALL ladies to grab their girlfriends & attend! Shecky’s next stop is in Los Angeles Dec 1st & they’ll be continuing until April where they end in Chicago! & if you miss it in your city & can’t drive/ fly 2 another DON’T FRET because Sheckys is an AWESUM annual event! Special thx to my bestie Tash for inviting me & putting me on2 something new! xoxo

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(I Love this pic of June!)
I was first introduced to the turban being a fashionable head piece a long time ago through my bff in my head, celebrity stylist June Ambrose!
(POP mag editor: Shala Monrogue), (Stylist: Catherine Baba)
June along with other international style mavens in the fashion & social scene such as Shala Monrogue & Catherine Baba wear them as hair accessories always looking so sleek & pulled together pairing the head piece with the latest in fashion!

Now it seems that the rest of the world has FINALLY caught up with their street style because the turban is now EVERYWHERE & very much on trend!From magazine covers, to the catwalk & now the side walk- every fly chic is trying their best to pull off the “turban do”!

Even celebs are trying the trend! Singers Solange & Chrisette Michelle have been my favorite at making it SUPER cute!

Sum NOT so much……..

Continuing On! 
SN: dying over June’s hermes spike cuff!

I personally am so in LOVE w/ this trend especially for my bad hair days, but its a hard look to pull off! & for goodness sake I wish June would give a tutorial on how to pick the right scarf & wrap it the right way because as you can clearly see no1 else rocks the hell out of this look like she does!

So for beginners like myself that would end up looking ridiculous trying to wrap a full on turban, I’ve decided to start with the turban headband! I would do sumthin lk ths studded one or if I could find a leopard print 1 tht would be even better! I think paired w/ long 14 inch bohemian hair would be cute right?

What do you guys think?
I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”

Who Do I Have To Sleep With……..? WEDNESDAY!

2 get an “ALL ACCESS” backstage pass on the set of Gossip Girl!

Can You Imagine……
Every scene looks like a magazine editorial!

OSCAR DE LA RENTA gowns! (Moment of Silence……)
Even their casual wear looks FABULOUS!
Now I have to admit, I’ve only watched 1 episode of Gossip Girl. Aside from the AmaaazinG style, the show itself is actually good! but I still ended up falling asleep anyway. It was my first trip to New York! I tore the city up & by the time Gossp Girl came on I was beat! Anyway, even if you’ve NEVER seen the show the clothes alone should make you a fan! & all I want is 1 day of FULL ACCESS!
I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”

These LANVIN Lucite Wedges Kick A@*!

Actress Rachel McAdam’s hit the red carpet wearing these Lanvin wedge’s to the premiere of her latest film “Morning Glory” & her shoes stole the show! Don’t they just scream “Haute B*tch”?! Excuse all of my french, but the S&M vibe from these just did something to me! GASM

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”

These LANVIN Lucite Wedges Kick A@*!

Actress Rachel McAdam’s hit the red carpet wearing these Lanvin wedge’s to the premiere of her latest film “Morning Glory” & her shoes stole the show! Don’t they just scream “Haute B*tch”?! Excuse all of my french, but the S&M vibe from these just did something to me! GASM

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


Prada is one of THEE most respected luxury brands of all time, so its no wonder that it inspires almost everyone & everything! Which is probably why when I spotted these bright slingbacks by Dolce Vita dubbed “Valencia” I immediately thought: PRADA! Turns out I was RIGHT!
Prada Fall sling back & ankle bootie!
As the Steve Madden for higher end department stores, its clear that Dolce Vita used a combination of Prada’s fall collection as its muse. & i gotta admit: Me Kinda Likey la Dolce Vita’s Valencia ! The bright color is what got my attention & i think against a pair of dark tights for fall would be cute. They’re a little “mature“, but u know i’m n2 older women’s sportswear! lol 
What yall think?

& speaking of Prada……

While browsing 1 of my fave sites,, I spotted the trailer for an upcoming film called “From Prada to Nada” starring actresses Camilla Belle & Alexa Vega. Its not even close to being on the level of “The Devil Wears Prada“, but it does have that 70’s show Wilmer Valderrama in it. & I haven’t seen him in a while….So if u’re still interested….

 Check out the sneak peak below!

From Prada to Nada hits theaters January 28th!

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SERGIO ROSSI’s Cachet V. SAM EDELMAN’s Niland Pump

Sergio Rossi (left) /Sam Edelman (right)

Sergio Rossi’s Cachet pump was a favorite among celebrities & I fell in love w/ them because of the the shape of the shoe & its signature keyhole peep toe! Its just a SEXY classic pump! & I wanted them so BAD! Well meet Sam Edelman’s Niland that mirrors Rossi’s Cachet! Now I haven’t personally tried them on, but I’ve seen both in person & w/ any look for less there’s always subtle differences. & in this case I can easily spot them. For instance, Sergio’s peep hole is bigger & the look of the leather is a little better. But for $600 less than the original, I think there’s a lot of people that could easily over look Sam’s changes & shortcomings.

Sam Edelman (left) /  Sergio Rossi (right)

Niland is available in a variety of colors & retails for only $99 in most major department stores! You can find Cachet @ Saks & other high end boutiques for $695!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”

Who Do I Have To Sleep With……..? WEDNESDAY!

……..To 1 day be the owner of a FABulous Mulberry Bag!
I decided to give the honor of my very first weekly Wednesday post “Who Do I have to Sleep w/” to the one & only MULBERRY handbag! & I’m not talking about the Target version either! I’m referring specifically to the high end!  As a very respected brand known for its quality & luxurious umph, I wouldn’t mind a clutch or a hobo but I OBSESS over the coveted “Bayswater” &  the trendy “Alexa” styles!

Check out 3 of my TOP favorites…..

& also a few from the Spring ’11 collection!

I think Mulberry’s variety in design, texture, & creativity really sets it apart from alot of the top “IT” bags out there! The arm candy is beautiful, chic, & gives me the ultimate FashionGasm!!!  

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”
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Missed out on the infamous Fashion’s Night Out that now has become the go 2 event during fashion week in September? Well don’t fret my friend! has come up w/ the most genius idea! Following September’s Fashion’s Night Out, has created a digital version of the event bringing u the creme de la creme of online shopping that the digital world has to offer! Filled w/ the best of the best, sites from “Top Shop” to “Net-A-Porter” are participating & we get everything from goodie bags 2 exclusive looks at collection launches all from the comfort of our own home!

I know I can’t wait, SO DON’T MISS OUT! Fashion’s Night In starts @ 5pm- Midnight!

Visit & Follow @Vogue_London for updates

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