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FINALLY a look for less that’s actually worth posting on!

Idealist Check out TIFF by Fever Shoes!

Heard about these lovely gems through 1 of my favorite bloggers necolebitchie! For only $200 you can have a little taste of the $2800 Gianmarco Lorenzi swarvoski heels that Beyonce wore on 60 minutes!

Celebs like Raven Symone, Angela Simmons, & Dawn of Dirty Money have already been spotted rocking them!

Tiff is pictured to the left & the Gianmarco Lorenzi’s are pictured to the right. Tiff looks pretty FAB- BEA-LUST right?!

She also comes in black & gold, but the brown pair the celebs are wearing is what I want. They’re on back order now but best believe I will be ordering a sz 8 very soon! Visit to get your pair!

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I think I was reading Allure Magazine when I found out about Spa Week! It’s a bi annual event where thousands of the top luxury spas across the USA offer a variety of spa treatments for only $50! Just in time for my birthday month, being the spa junky that I am, I already have planned on getting laser hair removal, a body polish, facial, & massage @ exclusive spas around Atlanta! Guys please don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity to pamper yourself or plan a girls day for the “cheap cheap” Visit to see where you can go for spa deals in your local area! Its coming up October 11-17th so BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENTS NOW!


TOTALLY LOVING Solange’s style lately!?!

She was on the scene for NYFW last week & w/ every red carpet & front row seat to the runway she definitely showed up and showed out! Here she is @ the Tom Ford show which was my absolute favorite look! So sleek & pulled together w/ the June Ambrose turban. I LOVED it!

Check out some more flix below!













I love when I can see personality through someone’s style alone & Solange definitely does that! Ever since “Sol- Angel & the Hadley Street Dreams” I became addicted to her music & now after the hits @ fashion week I’m definitely #teamsolange! People say everything from her style to her music is “different” which that word alone totally erks me because people are so quick to categorize & put aside what they fail to relate to. I say she’s just a total IDEALIST! So don’t sleep on her guys she’s the truth!I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


All the top spas everywhere are using it! It has great reviews, its mentioned in all the top magazines. It’s on Oprah’s favorites list & Idealist Taraji P. Henson swears by it! & after hearing so much about it, I was glad I was FINALLY able to try the Clarisonic Pro Skincare brush myself! About a month ago I started this home remedy called the Aspirin mask to help with my acne prone skin. “Don’t ask, more on that later“. Anyway, needless to say that concoction ended up burning the top layer of my skin & I had SEVERE dry patches all over my face! I mean it was terrible!!! I was peeling so bad. It was so NOT a good look @ all! lol So I went for a much needed facial at the Natural Body Spa & Shop in Buckhead to try to soothe my irritated skin. & the esthetician used the Clarisonic brush that had beeen getting so much hype!

The best way to describe it is you know how they have automatic toothbrushes well this is like an automatic facial cleaner. Dubbed “the 60 second spa“, it’s set on a timer that beeps when you’re suppose to move it to a different area of the face. The end result is really suppose to cleanse the pores & even the skin tone.

Well, I think everyone is right! Now don’t quote me because it could have been the combination of the mask & exfoliation the esthetician used but my skin totally cleared up! I’m tellin you those dry patches were ALL GONE! My skin looked 10 times better & it still does two weeks later! PLUS no more peeling! & the vibrations from the brush heads felt so good on my skin like a massage! This would be great to have @ home full time to help upkeep my new monthly facial regimines. Now it is pricey about $150 to be exact @ Sephora & Ulta, but I definitely am a little pro Clarisonic right now. So I’m gona keep my eye on this…

Have any of you guys tried or even heard of the Clarisonic skincare brush?

Let me know your thoughts!xoxo

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IT’S NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & designer’s are showing up & showing out as they present their collection’s for Spring ’11! My boo Christian Siriano received a much deserved standing ovation after a simply beautiful collection! It was modern & pretty but still had the Siriano umph that we all know & love! & With every piece you could definitely see the growth since Project Runway! He was thee first runway show to be on IDEAL! So in honor of the site’s 1st birthday & NYFW I present to you his s/s ’11 collection!


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I told you guys last year that Lace Up booties were very much on trend for the fall season! & Now it seems that the rest of the world has caught up to the runways because this year the “lace up” boot is still very HOTT & is EVERYWHERE! From every site & every brand from high end like the gisueppes pictured in the top left corner to low end found right below them. & I’m so glad! The boots are super cute & work well w/ everything from skinny jeans to dresses- which is my favorite look btw! It adds an edge to your overall look. So, I highly suggest you get a pair. It’s definitely a fall STAPLE!

& speaking of LACE……

Another big & very sexy trend is the LINGERIE LACE BOOT!

You can find some HAUTE ones in every brand from Dolce & Gabanna and Nicolas Kirkwood pictured above to the cute Betsey Johnsons’ pictured below!

& the best thing about these Betsey Johnson booties dubbed “Alison“, is that she’s only $150! You can find her on sale at where you get $30 off using the coupon code “FALL10” & an additional 20% using the code “VSBOOT“! HAPPY SHOPPING!

btw: I want to start seeing my IDEALISTS on the site! So if you shop this trend send me a picture of you rocking your lace up so I can post it! xoxo

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As you guys know I have created a new post called “Dionne Around Town“. I have to stress that this post is in NO WAY an outlet to bash businesses @ all! I just want to give honest reviews on different places that I visit around the city & my very first post was about my experience getting the the minx pedicure service at “The Posh Spot” located in the Vinings area! Because I want all of these posts to remain positive, objective, & as fair as possible I sent the link to the “The Posh Spot”‘s twitter & the owner herself, Ms Dawn, actually responded! She sent me a direct message via twitter AND even commented under the actual post! & We all know how I love ALL feedback!!!!

Check out her comment below:

Dionne- Thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry that you were not pleased with your experience. MINX is a specialty product so the pedi process is a little different.

Nevertheless, we pride ourselves in GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE (as you read in our reviews). We want our clients to be 100% pleased. With that said, please allow me to correct this. Please email me at (email omitted) at your convenience. Thank you and best of luck to you with your blog 🙂
Dawn (ThePoshSpot)

To my relief, Ms. Dawn was extremely nice about the post! & her response was SO quick! She also informed me via twitter:

Its standard 2 do basic grooming b/c manufacturers do suggest no water/no oil, hence no scrub. Most don’t even do soak“. She added: We offer a soak @beg of svc so clients can have the exp and are dry by time of app. Foot filing also req h20″

I think I used the wrong choice of words when I was referring to the foot scrub. I meant a different kind of scrub such as cleaning w/ the sponge or somtimes w/ dry pedis they’ll use those foot files rather than a sugar/salt scrub. lol Anyways, nonetheless Ms. Dawn’s speedy reply shows that she cares strongly about her brand, but most importantly about her customer’s satisfaction! What an IDEAL way to handle the situation! So thank you so much Ms Dawn, your feedback was AWESOME! & I loved the interaction I got from this post! You guys are AMAZING! I will definitely be doing this again! Hopefully every1 will be as nice lol…..xoxo


Facebook friend Sabriya Wesley wrote “FAMUans support your fellow alum! This is a great place : ) I attended a private party there and really enjoyed myself”

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Rick Ross tweeted this picture of him & the super funny Idealist Chelsey Handler with the caption:

My girlfriend Chelsey Handler“!

This girl know she love her some black rappers! lol Anyways, she’ll be the 1st woman to host the VMA’S since Rosanne did back in 1994! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! The show airs this Sunday @ 9am! So be sure to tune in… if I have to ask!

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Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE trying new places whether it be places to eat, spas, boutiques, new cities, if I haven’t been there I wana go & check it out! My biggest thing lately has been trying new nail salons & today I wanted Minx!!! very badly might I add! I had been googling & researching trying to find the perfect place because I am so picky. When I research, I look @ the fb page, twitter page, online reviews EVERYTHING! Which brought me to “The Posh Spot”. The going rates for minx around town for the pedis have been between $65- $70 but the Posh Spot only charges $55! & Today they announced via twitter that they were having a special called “POWER HOURS” where all the nail services were 50% off between 12-2! PERFECT! I had wanted to try this salon out for a little while & I really wanted the minx so this killed two birds with 1 stone! & I save money!


The Posh Spot lives up to its name as far as the decor & surroundings are concerned. Very sophisticated even down to the nail polish colors! All OPI! & nothing loud & bright! all pretty but very subtle colors. No Essie is displayed, but if you request it they’ll bring some from the back. Its a nail salon & spa so the atmosphere fits accordingly. It’s very nice but it’s also extremely quiet. Like I said its a spa so I definitely wouldn’t come with a bunch of girlfriends to chat & shoot the breeze. This is the kind of place that you come alone, read a book, & receive a relaxing service.


Customer Service:

The customer service was GREAT! which is something I look for whenever I try a new place. I was running late to my appointment & when I called to let the receptionist know she was very accomodating & pushed my appointment back so I would make it on time & still recieve the half off special. Now even though I’m always trying new places, I’m still always very nervous because I never know how it will turn out. I always expect the worst! However, when I arrived I was greeted warmly by the receptionist. She offered me a warm neck wrap & a glass of water which happened to calm me down. I didn’t have to wait at all & was immediately brought to the pedicure station which sits on a very high platform with separate drain tubs. This is a trend the salons I have been visiting are doing now instead of the usual jet tub massage chairs which I hate- so unsanitary! Usually these platorms arent very comfortable, but The Posh Spot’s were. So much so that I had to put my magazine down because I almost fell asleep!

Now I’m going to be honest when I initally called, I WAS informed by the receptionist that the Minx did not last on the feet no more than a week. HOWEVER, I just assumed that she didn’t know what she was talking about because she wasn’t the actual nail tech. I had read ALOT about the minx & although the manicures don’t last very long, the pedicures are suppose to last @ least 3 weeks! Once, I got there I was able to pick out a design pattern. There weren’t millions of options but the pickings weren’t slim either. I had narrowed it down to the regular leopard print & another cute hot pink leopard print design because it matched my nails. Once I was seated & talked to the nail tech she informed me that I couldn’t get the Pink leopard because she didn’t have enough for all my toes! Okay no big deal.I was still so excited about getting them! So I just went with the regular leopard. Unfortunately, the actual pedicure service was “eh” @ best. It started w/ the usual foot soak. She’s filing my toes & so forth. I don’t like aggressive nail techs, but i do like my feet clean & maticulously done. Put a little umph in it & I wasn’t getting that from her. After only filing & shaping my nails she took my feet out & did the usual “oil” rub down.


I asked her “Wait there’s no scrubbing of the feet“?

Not w/ this service”, she says.

What??? I was so confused !

……Okay fine. I was a little annoyed by that because part of the reason I get pedicures is to clean my feet & soften the bottoms. But okay Posh does it a little different. I then asked her how long do the minx last to which she too replied only 3 to 4 days. & then she told me that the heat lamp to secure the minx can get hot & to let her know if & when it starts to get too hot! Well, this scared me! So I just asked her to stop & just paint my toes clear. She asked me if I wanted a callus remover since I had inquired about the bottom of my feet, but I declined. I was a little over the pedi by then. But she also offered to @ least buff my nails so they wouldn’t be so plain to which I obliged.

VERDICT: I was really disappointed in my experience @ The Posh Spot especially since they had such good reviews online! I know I expect alot when I try new places, but I don’t think I was asking for too much to @ least expect a foot scrub to be included in the minx pedicure especially if the regular price is $55! For what I received which was a foot soak, nail shape, file, & buff dubbed the “micro mani” the cost is $25! I only paid $12.50 because of the special. I had rushed & drove almost 40 min away from home just to check this place out. After all of that I felt like it was a total waste. I was actually a little upset……..

CONCLUSION: VERY nice atmosphere & every last person that works there is extremely nice & professional. But to me The Posh Spot is overpriced for the services as far as nails are concerned. & don’t get me wrong I have absolutely no problem paying, but only if I’m paying for the actual value of something otherwise I feel like I’ve been duped! I will not return to The Posh Spot, but I still haven’t given up on the Minx pedicure! I find it hard to believe that they only last on the feet for 4 days. However, I have to note that “The Posh Spot” gives a regular water soak pedicure & other places offer the minx w/ a waterless pedicure so that could make the difference!

LAST THOUGHTS: As noted this place had great online reviews & they do offer additional spa services besides nails. This was just my Posh Spot experience, yours may be totally different. So if you’ve been to the Posh Spot please let me know what you think. I’d love to hear other’s opinion! btw this is the 1st of many “Dionne Around Town” posts to come bringing you reviews of the best & not so great places that I visit around town.

As always love your feedback! xoxo

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There’s nothing like a woman that smells good! but sometimes it can be tough finding certain perfumes & lotions that work well with your body chemistry. Personally, I love scents that always remind me of a certain time or certain occasions so that’s what I look for when I pick a fragrance. & I have managed to find a few that have become my signature for the SUMMER! All are refreshing , light citrus scents that are not so sweet that they’ll attract flies. & Since we are on the last days of this hot season, I thought I’d share…Check ’em out below!


MEN REALLY LUV THIS SCENT… @ least they do on me! The first time I put it on a random guy said & I quote “YOU SMELL HOTT“! I’d never gotten such a reaction from a random stranger just because of the lotion I was wearing! So I decided to get the matching body wash 2 match! Now for me the body wash was key because fragrances tend not to last on me EVER! Bt this layering made it last all day! The scent is comparable to citrus, but not so fruity that its girly & obnoxious. Guys usually compare it to fresh peaches!


The name is pretty self explanatory. Another citrus. But unlike the “delight“, this is a bit stronger when you first put it on. It really awakens your senses to say the least so its better not to overindulge! However, once it dies down the smell lingers & every1 will ask you what you are wearing. It smells really good. Good enough to eat! & the best thing is you don’t have to try to make this last by layering w/ body wash or spray because it last a good while with just the lotion alone.


This is a new 1 for me. I like this collection alot better than their usual signature candy like fragrances VS has. Its ALOT more sophisticated! & the scents are less predictable! I actually accidentally got addicted to this collection. I had put the Vanilla Sandlewood lotion on & was so upset because it smelled horrible & I had put so much on! But after a while I kept smelling something that smelled so good & realized it was ME! After it had died down, it kept lingering & I loved it. So I thought I would try other scents from the Naturally VS collection which brought me to Acai Berry & Magnolia!

The best way I can describe this scent is that it smells like a breath of fresh air w/ a citrus sweet twist. Its just so refreshing you have to smell it. I love the body wash & the lotion. Although for some reason the smaller hand lotion’s smell seem to last longer than the regular size. But the best part is the body spray HANDS DOWN! It feels soooo good on the skin. It’s like a moisturizer! THEE BEST!

The great thing about all these scents is that they complement each other. I mix them all the time. & every combination works without being overpowering. The bath & body works fragrances are no longer carried in the regular stores but, their outlets always have them & their really cheap 2. I get a bunch of the smaller bottles of “delight” for like 5 for $5! Try @ least 1 of these out & let me know what you think!

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