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Soooooo, my life has been on a full whirlwind since May 15, 2010! I graduated college & soon after started a brand new career as a flight attendant! I’m in the airport daily & as always fashion is always on my mind! I’m always looking @ what everyone is wearing. Some people look fabulous while others….not so much! which is why I wanted to go through what I consider should be proper airport style 101 & showcase some of my favorite celebrities who do it best!

MY BEST AIRPORT STYLE TIP: THE 3 C’S (CUTE, CHIC, & COMFORT) -stick w/ it & you can’t go wrong….

Just because you’re going to be on a plane for an hour or more DOESN’T mean u have 2 go the lazy route and skip out on looking your best! Comfortable does not equal LAZY! I repeat COMFORT does NOT = Lazy! You can still be fashionable & comfortable @ the same time like singer Kylie Minogue in a tee, tapered pants, & heels to take your look to the next level. Just look @ how hott she looks in front of the baggage claim….

& check out Katie Perry! In this cute dress paired with flats. She looks super cute & still looks comfortable! & the dress is a smart choice bcuz it looks like it won’t wrinkle even after a long flight! She could still run into TMZ & still look presentable.

Kim’s choice of casual jeans & a button down is pushed to cute & fashionable with oversized shades, a scarf, & HOTT boots! Which goes to show that you don’t have to try so hard people. This is NOT rocket science. All it takes is a little accessory here or there to make you airport ready!

& I just love this airport pic of Jay & Bey! Jay in his relaxed jeans & Tee & Beyonce in a tank, capris, & ankle boots! But like I said accessories makes all the difference! Just look @ them, they look like hip hop royalty while walking the concourse!

Okay so I just threw Lady Gaga in for fun! lol Can you imagine running into her @ the airport! ??Knowing me, I’d probably just break n2 a melody of all her songs “Alejandro, Alejandro…. don’t call my name…..playing love games…writing a bad romance!”- as security whist me away lol

& I just threw this in cuz David Beckham is just 1 HOTT man!
Anyways, back to my original reason for this post!

I feel as though out of all the places you go, the airport is where you should be THEE MOST ON POINT! You’re in a place where millions (okay maybe thousands) of ppl are going 2 be & you never know who you may happen to run into. Your next boss, your next boo, etc.

& I’m praying to the heavens above that I run into 1 of my idols VICTORIA BECKHAM! Now she has the airport chic look down pack from high fashion 2 laid back! She may not always look the most comfortable to us weaing 6 inch heels, but hey she’s a pro @ this! & She’s always flying bk & forth from LAX in L.A. 2 Heathrow in London….Not that I’m stalking her or anything I WOULD JUST REALLY LOVE TO MEET HER! So kp ur fingers crossed 4 me guys!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”