So my beloved Jennifer Lopez was spotted in Paris the other day still on the promo train for “The Backup Plan”. Of course she looked glamorous as always wearing a total of 3 looks in just 1 day! So I’m doing my up & down check just to see what she’s wearing when all of sudden GASP! There it is! the Loewe ‘Amazona’ bag! Remember when I introduced you guys to her a couple of posts ago? Unlike the multi color version she opted for classic black! BUT that’s okay! I may be reaching, but seeing Jennifer Lopez sport a bag that I picked as a fave a while back made me actually feel like she listened to me in some weird way…I can’t really explain it lol just know that I feel like my blog has been given the stamp of approval! IDEAL is officially validated! YIPPPEEEEE!


The first look was not my favorite from her. Everyone knows for some odd reason I just have this pet peeve with crop’d jackets. Maybe because they never fit me quite right & always had that gap in the back…. But anyways, the last two looks with the Etro Bohemian dress & the third ensemble were just total Jennifer Lopez with the long wavy hair oversized shades & big hoop ear rings! I especially love the black Gianfranco Ferré dress which must be her new fave go 2 designer since she also wore ‘Ferre’ to “The BackUp Plan” premiere in the states. Anyways, I like that even in the picture you can see the detail which is hard because all black doesn’t photograph well. Just ask Nina Garcia- she’s always saying it on Project Runway! but wait til she sees this! The dress was beautiful!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”

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