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90’s ATTIRE!

THE 90’s are back! O GOD!….I know I’m scared 2! I mean first the hammer dubbed “harem” pants. *sigh* which are so unflattering no matter who wears them btw BUT THEN other little 90-ish things started creeping up here & there until I couldn’t ignore it any longer! The 80’s were all the rage but now the 90’s may be telling those neon wearing tramps to MOVE OVER! It’s like the “industry” is playing a joke on us ordinaries & the laughs on us!So lets review what those fashion freaks are trying to convince us is “hot” shall we?


First Chanel presented clogs during their spring ’10 runway show back in September! Now Everyone seems to be following suit! I was just in Bloomingdale’s last night & saw brands such as Michael Kors & Mui Mui showing off their latest wooden “stiletto”! All I could think was damn this is a big clunky wooden shoe….THEE worst! Ugh unflattering, not sexy…NO GASMS HERE! Needless to say I am NOT a fan!


I showed you guys the Louis Vuitton s/s ’10 show which featured a ton of fanny packs. Well now I guess since LV did it, people feel like its okay to go fanny nutz! Rihanna was spotted soon after sporting one of LV’s fannys, but we all know she wears any & everything BUT when Donna Karen wore one to her own show, I was a little taken a back- She’s a designer so she should know better! Even my friend in my head Wendy is a HUGE fan of fanny packs, but as much as I love me sum Wendy, I just can’t ride with her on this one! even being the label whore I am, I simply can’t not even for the Louis’s or any other brand. Sorry!


So I spotted a visor on the actress Lisa Raye & of course it was white. Unless you live under a rock you would know that she has a thing for white which btw I finally found out why you can never catch her without it via! Even after labor day lol She says it brings her positive energy. & I think she should re think that whole logic because of that whole divorce fiascal, but hey maybe she was wearing red or somethin when he was getting into sh*t, but this isn’t that kind of site so…Anyways back to my original thoughts…. Oh yea when I saw her in that visor I said y the hell is she wearing that?! It just screams old lady! But then I saw one on my fave site net-a-porter AND shopbop that’s when I thought “Oh God”! If they have it on their website that means they very well might be on the verge….. Just thought I’d give u a heads up….So I would def be on the lookout for those too!


Okay now this is one trend that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear. Usually when I think of a handbag with a long strap I think CHANEL! But other brands such as Mulberry & Proenza have been hopping on the bandwagon lately. I am normally a satchel chic but I actually like this trend & think I could pull this off. The trick is finding the right handbag so you don’t age yourself 20 years! but there is so many out there, you shouldn’t have an issue!


Remember these?! Ugh “O God” AGAIN!!!! All I can picture is a tight dress that looks like swimsuit attire w/ a zipper down the middle with a pair of mules to complete the ULTIMATE 90’S look! You remember those dresses, if not let me refresh your memory…

Those wet suit dresses are coming back 2, but I have to admit the back of this “Jasmine” dress by Lisa Marie Fernandez is really cute!, Unfortunately you can’t walk around backwards So I’m not excited about these either,

Moving Right Along…

Denim is back 2! You remember the denim shirts, denim skirts, denim jackets?! & if you really wanted to go all out you’d just wear all the denim together & hopefully it was all the same wash! EVEN BETTER! Well its all back with full force! Aside from my sarcasm, the denim thing isn’t all bad! I could do a denim shirt….maybe a denim jacket if its really cute, but nothing cropped. I hate cropped stuf for some reason! Anyways the only thing I can not, will not do is a denim skirt OR a denim dress! I am not a fan I do like them Sam I am ??? Okay now I’m just babbling but really that’s where I draw the line! However, Dolce & Gabanna’s was right on trend with their western civilization s/s ’10 collection! It was really CUTE!


D&G S/S ’10!

Y do all these items make me feel like going on sum type of safari quest! & with that being said I feel like I should end this post with:

“I’m outtie 5000!”

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”



So New York Fashion Week ended yesterday and I wanted to recap most of my favorite shows! I’ll be updating ALOT & this will probably take up quite a few posts so bare with me- I apologize in advance! Anyways, I won’t waste nemore of your time with my mumbling so let’s go!!!

This was one of my favorite dresses 4 Fashion Week! I’ve really been feeling the short mini with the full feather bottom- so once I saw this I was completely SOLD on the rest of Monique Lhullier’s collection without even seeing the rest of it. But just for kicks we’ll go through it anyways. The designer, whose usually known for her bridal gowns, stepped outside of the box with red carpet standouts! Her vision was Asian inspired & I thought she did a fantastic job of showing her inspiration without it looking too cheesy or cliche’. If I were a stylist I would def be putting my clients in this collection! Starting with this 2 my left! It was beautiful-KUDOS!

You know I love to see how the pieces moved, so check out a snippet of the runway show below…

& here are a few extra looks from the collection that were my favorite!, but weren’t really shown in the youtube clip above…. From the strong & bold jewelry to the tights… Again Beautifully done!

OH DIANE! She completely read my mind! Her collection kicked ass! It was fun, sexy, light, young & sophisticated -all things wrapped into a package of pure AWESOMENESS! Again, I could be biased because if you watch the clip below you’ll c that she incorporated my new found g-spot which is the full textured bottom!!! Who knew that a designer would be able to find something that I’m still not even sure that I have! lmao! PLUS I’ve just really been into dresses lately esp. pairing a flowy almost spring-like material dress with an oversized jacket/long sweater! It’s like my icing on the cake. My cousin said I look like a hippie but Diane did the same thing in this show! So apparently I’m doing somethin right & my cousin is just being a hater lol The contrast is modern & just super cute… I was completely sold on this collection as a whole. I wanted to wear it ALL! Check it out for yourself!

I also loved the color palette because it was a mix btwn spring colors that added a little ‘pop’ but it still looked like you were dressing for the season! I really loved Loved LOVED how rich the colors were! Again BEAUTIFUL!!! Kudos Diane!!


I already knew what to expect from this show which is not necessarily a bad thing bcuz they didn’t disappoint!!!! I’ve always loved how they mix the different textures & materials (wool, leather, rabbit fur, etc.) in their jackets with the funnel necks especially the shearling vests! Uh ULTIMATE GASM! Pairing the signature pieces with their jeans (which were really cute this season btw) just gives you the ‘kool girl’ factor without trying too hard! The designers also played with digital images in their collection which I thought added a nice touch overall! I’M A FAN!

Denim jackets are back in btw……JUST THANKING THE HEAVENS THEY ARE NOT CROPPED! Ugh! To view the full collection click here!


Last night SUPERMODEL NAOMI CAMPBELL (it’s Naomi-she deserves all caps right?) held the Fashion for Relief runway show to benefit Haiti! According to, a slew of A-listers were there to participate in Naomi’s fundraiser! Designers such as Donna Karen & Diane Von Furstenberg to MTV’s Olivia Palmero & Kelly Osbourne all ripped the runway for this great cause! & get this….(lean in) Guess who styled everyone?? Rachel Zoe! Ummm can we say… Awesome!!! Even my ultimate girl crush VICTORIA BECKMAN (It’s VICTORIA BECKMAN she def deserves all caps! lol) came through for support. The benefit was open to American Express card members and raised $100,000 on top of the $250,000 donated from AmEx themselves. Plus all of the clothes from the runway show were donated from famous designers and will be auctioned off on my favesite beginning March 15th!


To top it all off, Naomi even paid special tribute to the late visionary, Alexander McQueen, by modeling some of his pieces from the Plato’s Atlantis collection. This event sounds like it was so incredible! I mean really, when is the next time we’re going to hear about DVF strutting the runway?? & I love the fact that Naomi did something so positive for a great cause! You always hear about her “allegedly” throwing phones, layin up with her gazillionaire b/f or other rumors-usually negative. & as you can see there is so much more to her than that foolishness or her being the ultimate “little bitch girl” that Tyra portrayed her to be lol j/k (got that phrase from author Jackie Collins btw- that title is so hilarious lol) Anyways, back to my original thoughts….KUDOS Naomi!!! Now I’ve got to find a way to get on her mailing list! She really knows how to put a great show together!


Check out Ms. Campbell’s recent cover for LOVE magazine! Holy Sh*t, WHOA! lol Doesn’t she look amaaazing? Her body is so sick! No wonder she’s been able to stay in the modeling game for so long! Naomi was 1 of the 8 models to cover this particular issue in exactly the same pose.

Love’s Editor, Kate Brand said:

“We took eight women who are generally acknowledged as the most beautiful in the world, got them to show off their bodies – widely regarded as the most perfect in the world….to show how much they differed physically from one another.The point is that ‘perfection’ is not fixed, timeless or transcendent. It varies, as the measurements of our cover girls show.”

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”

Photos: Getty


So I was browsing one of my favsites,, when I saw this post of supermodel Miranda Kerr! Apparently, she took time out of her busy schedule to go & renew her license- looking like she literally just stepped off of a runway- decked all the way down in PRADA! OMG!!! Ladies, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind going to the DMV or anywhere for that matter looking like this! This is a woman who stays on her job 24-7 & I LOVE IT! Go Ms. Kerr- I have now officially inducted you into the IDEAL chic club!

She really stands out compared to the rest of the ordinaries there…Look @ the lady in front of her in line- she looks so annoyed lol

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”



Okay so I would never….I repeat NEVER would want to work for Diddy! That Vh1 series just really scares me. Those poor kids be going through so much…. I’m sure most of the outrageousness is just for t.v. but frankly Diddy is a bit intimidating. Just watchin it always makes me nervous! lol HOWEVER, if there is any success story that I would want to be able to emulate, it would definitely be Mr. Combs. He has coined the term mogul! I think I relate to him because he started at an early age & truly worked his way from the ground up. & Because of his determination & hard work, he has built an empire that makes most young people (MEN & WOMEN) say ” I want to be like Diddy“! As a quintessential example of the IDEAL concept, he definitely inspires me!

I ask that you please tune in tonight to watch CNN contributor, Steve Perry, interview Diddy as he discusses education, his career, and business as a whole. The segment airs tonight on Anderson Cooper’s 360 @ 11pm! BE INSPIRED!


Check out a snippet of the interview below:

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”



I found this beautiful montage via youtube in honor of the great visionary, Alexander McQueen. I’m still at such a lost for words. He had lost two of his biggest supporters when his mentor died in 2007 and with his mother’s passing last week and her funeral scheduled for tomorrw…… It just saddens me that people can be dealing with so much, and you just never know how heavy their heart is until sometimes its just too late…….Again, McQueen was such a talent. and even though he’s gone, his art has created a legacy that will truly last well beyond his years! & IDEAL wants to continue to acknowledge that and celebrate him! Check out the video below!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


The British designer extraordinaire, Alexander McQueen, has passed. According to circulating reports, he committed suicide and was found this afternoon in his home. He was only 40 years old.

A source from McQueen’s office has confirmed the news saying:

It’s a tragic loss. we are not making a comment at this time out of respect for the McQueen family.”

McQueen is IDEAL’s staple- as he has graced so many of my posts since my start! I am completely devastated! My condolences go out to his family & loved ones- The world has truly loss someone special…….

(story developing)

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”

Photo: Getty images

amFAR Gala 2010!

Despite the crazy snowstorm taking place up north, the amFAR Gala to build aids awareness still went on tonight as scheduled- & the stars came out to support & kick off Fashion Week with a BANG! Check out some flix from the red carpet below!

That damn ZOE! She has really been showing out!!! & I’ve been postin on her so much that its turnin in2 a Zoe fansite! lol Anyways here she is on the red carpet wearing a 2 die for LV Pre fall tribal print dress….which btw tribal print has really bcum a new found fave of mine. She paired the dress with really cute Jimmy Choos. Hair slick’d back to show off the face… I LOVE IT!

SExxxy SeXXXy hunk of a man: RICK FOX! Here he is pictured with actress Eliza Dushku. She’s doing RICK…FOX!! (Tasha Mac voice) lol Lucky lady!

Another Zoe that has graced IDEAL before: Zoe Kravitz! Here she is on the red carpet wearing a cute black dress, paired with black tights & mary janes. ……Cute, but so not typical Zoe! I’m so used to seeing her looking hobo chic- you know her usual “I could give 2 sh*ts about what you think of me or my clothes!” lol Anyways,to me, its become her signature style, & she just looks wayyy 2 pulled together here! So this was kind of boring -especially for her!

Model Brook Shields was also there! @ first glance of this dress, I didn’t think it was that great…but the more I looked at it, I kind of liked it. I think what is throwing me is her overall look. Idk if its the hair, but something’s just off.

Hey its Julia from Nip Tuck!

Heidi klum was spotted wearing a dress from the Victoria Beckhman Dress collection! I love Heidi. She always looks so happy…. Oh & btw be on the lookout for an IDEAL ICON post for Victoria Beckham that is long overdue!

The beautiful Iman! Everyone knows I am totally obsessed w/ her! & she looked absolutely breathtaking in this emerald green gown! but would you expect anything else? Brooke this is how you pull an entire look together. Hair, makeup, accessories- FLAWLESS!

Actress Julia Stiles!-you know from Save the Last Dance. Of course she’s been in plenty of movies since then, but hey its one of my favorites! What can I say….O yea….Anyways, here she is in a black gown. She looks alrite, but she has “hippie” hair. I’ve seen her look better.
Gorgeous model Karolina Kurkova!

& of course Lady Gaga was there! Of course right? Why wouldn’t she be! lol Oh gaga…in her usual…& that is all I have to say about that. Here she is with Rock Legend Cyndi Lauper. I thought Cyndi looked great in McQueen tights & her heels pulled it all together for me!
Here is Lady Gaga & Cyndi in the new MAC Viva Glam Ad which is used to promote MAC AIDs Fund and other global aids charities! MAC was also a sponsor for tonight’s gala!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”
Photos: Getty, AP images


“I can’t forget when I used to buy all the knock offs, there is nothing wrong with it; really life is too short……..I don’t know anyone now who, if you can afford a Stella McCartney couture jacket, who doesn’t have a pair of shoes that cost $20. That is how people dress now and you are allowed to do that.
Stella McCartney

I was shocked when I read this quote from designer extraordinaire, Stella McCartney! I wouldn’t think that someone of her stature would even dare to say something so…REAL! Now we know that counterfeiting is wrong, but the fact that she understands that the market is just trying to keep up with a certain “lifestyle” so to speak, made me feel that she is down to earth. It made the “designer” more genuine to me. I love this blog so much because it introduces me to new things as well as new people! Of course, I already knew of Stella McCartney! I mean really, do you remember the HAUTE pierced thigh high boots I posted from her Fall 2009 collection? Her clothes kick so much ass, its ridiculous! I’ve actually posted about her a few times, but I wanted to get to know her a little more. That’s why I decided to give her a well deserved designer spotlight!

At just age 13, Stella started designing clothes and became an intern for Christian Lacroix only 3 years later! After acting as creative director for other designers such as Chloe’, she took a major leap in her career by joining forces with Gucci & starting up her own self titled line in 2001! & Stella has been outdoing herself every season-proving to all of her critics that she is making a name for herself in this industry purely based on talent & not simply using her father’s fame as her crutch! She has created joint venture lines with Adidas, Gap, has her own skincare line, & has been recognized by Vogue & most recently Glamour magazine for her accomplishments. She’s more than just a “Beatle’s daughter”! Not only is she a true fashion designer who is extremely business savvy, but she’s a wife, a great mother of 3, an environmentalist, animal activist, & she continues to expand her brand in order to create her own lasting legacy! Phenomenal woman-that’s what I see! Keep it up Stella! I LOVE IT!

Check out Stella’s ad Campaign for her Spring 2010 collection below!
Be sure to visit her site to view the entire collection full of florals, fabulous knits, & my new found love-power suits! & see if you can figure out which piece was my favorite! It shouldn’t be hard…Hint: It’s a dress!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


Alright guys so in exactly a week from today, I am flying us to New York for Mercedes-Benz’s Fashion Week /Fall ’10! You guys know how much I love Love LOVE fall collections, so you know I’m about to go HAM with updates & youtube’d fashion shows of everything fab-beau-lust & the not so much….FAUX PAUS(s)! lol Just thought I’d give yall a heads up! ….O & make sure you have all ya ish packed because we’ll be there from the 11th-18th! I’ll see u guys there! I can’t wait & I know you can’t either!!!!
…..Speaking of Fabulous & FASHION FAUX PAS

Guess who was bent over with his tighty whities all up in my face?!? IT’S (say it or rap it….however you wish) F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S! lol All that’s coming to mind right now is (sing it….however you wish) “Pants on the ground/ Pants on the ground…. you know the rest! lol


Apparently Fabo could give a flyin f*ck about what I have to say…..CLEARLY! Check out @ that stance tho…*Wendy voice* Faabulous! Love ya Fab..Dn’t want to say too much about him, he’s such a beast on twitter!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”