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BRAVO IS…."dare I say it"….BACK!!

Okay so first I was definitely P.O.’d that Bravo allowed Lifetime to steal one of the greatest shows ever, Project Runway! It’s crazy how just changing networks can really change the entire show…BUT IT DID! I won’t dwell because I’ve already rip’d them a new one in a previous post. But definitely Bravo- STRIKE 1!


Bravo made a desperate move and whipped up a little reality show called “The Fashion Show” which featured designer Isaac Mizrahi….alrighty….. BUT Kelly Rowland (*raised eyebrow*???) Anyways off Ms. Rowland and back to “The Fashion Show”. In the words of a great philospher by the name of Dwight Eubanks….How you gon have a fashion show with no fashions? The show was such a mess! The rules were unclear….Is it a technical show/ Is it based on your own ideas or concepts?? Hell even the contestants were confused! They even chose a winner but I’m still confused on what that show was. A filler for Project Runway I say… It was like Bravo was getting over a horrible break up, The Fashion Show was the rebound chic, & this chile was not an upgrade @ all! Bravo-STRIKE 2!


Somebody thought of the bright idea to have a bunch of random…. & I do mean random- people LAUNCH THEY LINE! Just check out the flik of 1 of the contestants 2 ur right (???) I could stop right there, but I’ll continue since I still have more to say! The sneak peaks & commercials to promote the show looked such a mess that I didn’t even try to watch it. But being the Bravo junkie that I am, I forced myself a few times & my first impression was the correct one. The judges always seemed to be choosing between what’s not as bad… of thee worst! BUT @ least with this show I understood the direction and the concept because a lot of people do have the ideas. They just need a team for the execution to bring their vision to life. However, the judges, the contestants, & the entire show overall wasn’t up to par. You know your show is extra whack when Lady Gaga can’t even give it a lil “Wow” factor! Thank God for finales!
…………………………………………………………………Bravo-STRIKE 3!

Bravo was almost out for me as far as the fashion genre was concerned. Then I started seeing these previews for a new show called Kell on Earth! I’m like wait a minute I know that chic! That’s Kelly Cutrone….I love her name btw. Anyways, maybe you too recognize her. ‘Ol Whitney worked for her on “The City”. I always wondered how Whitney worked for Kelly. She seems like such a take no sh*t type of person & Whitney’s always so lost or her mind is wondering…Idk somethings always “off” about that chile. lol Anyways, back to Kelly! She’s the founder of her own P.R. firm called People’s Revolution! She kind of scared me @ first until I did a little research on her & realized she was an entrepreneur who is highly respected in the fashion game! & She’s a single mother! Idk y that through me for a loop but it did lol! Anyways, I liked watching her on The City so I can’t wait to see her on Bravo! I can give my boo Andy a big hug for this one, him & the team really seem to be trying to recover from…in the words of Ms. Capricorn….EPIC FAILS!


& YOU be sure to check out KELL ON EARTH when it premieres on Bravo next Monday, Feb 1st @ 10pm!


Want to see the beginning of the first episode?? Sure you do! Check it out below

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”




OMG it seems like 2010 just rolled in and we are already almost into the second month of the new year! I have to tell you I am feeling GRRREAT! I just came back from the Bahamas, this is my last semester of school, I’m working, but most importantly I’m loving life! I won’t go on & on. I just wanted all 27 of my followers to know that I do truly appreciate you guys hanging in there with me! I started in September and my baby continues to grow…even when my postings became ALOT slower starting in December you guys continued to check in to see how the site is progressing! I have to admit things have been a little hectic BUT I promise I will get back on my job & continue to update the site on a daily basis. I can’t win the game if I don’t stay in the race right?? With 2010 I truly believe lots of wonderful things will be happening for me and IDEAL. I have so many creative ideas for expanding so please be on the lookout!!!!


P.S. Believe it or not I do get excited even if I only see one comment under a post. lol So continue to give feedback!!!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


Hey chics! Guess what? I’m going on my very first cruise ever in life next Friday! Destination: the BAHAMAS!!! So in honor of me trying to find a bomb ass swimsuit in the middle of January when its 19 degrees outside and having absolutely NO luck, I decided to just post the resort’10 collection from designer extraordinaire, Mara Hoffman! I thought these swimsuits were sooo sexy (oo la la) and the accessories separated itself from the average wet suit! Even if I can’t find the perfect one in my real life, I can still get the one of my dreams through my blog where everything is IDEAL. Check it out!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”