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Okay so I recently was blessed with 2 new jobs and to celebrate I bought myself a copy of Elle Mag’s December issue. I flipped through it about 50 times (mind you I haven’t bought a new mag in a minute so I was kind of on a high lol ) Anyways so I’m flipping…flipping… & I kept stopping @ this pic (Ignore that big necklace Idk what that’s for) If you don’t know, this chic is Erin Klapin. She is the P.R. director for Elle & was Olivia’s arch enemy on Mtv’s The City. She couldn’t stand Liv & trust the feeling was very mutual! Anyways, I was never a big fan of Erin’s style. Everytime I would see her, I would say “Why doesn’t she clean up a bit“. Not that she looked terrible but she just never was as pulled together as I thought she should be. She kind of reminded me of myself always dressing a little too comfortable but hell I don’t work for Elle! Anyways, this flik was a part of a spread that showed her different looks through the week. & 4 sum reason I just fell in love with this 1 in particular! It was soooo definitely me… you know granny…. I mean grane’ chic (pronounced gran-ye’ lol) From the cardigan to the leopard print shoes- if you didn’t know I’m a huge fan of both! & I liked the way she paired the striped shirt with the tweed pants that I want so badly- f.y.i I’ve been on the hunt for tweed pants too ever since I saw the Chloe show!

This was styled in a way that was sleek & simple but had a modern twist with the leopard print pumps. It was effortless overall & I loved every stitch & seam of it-even adding the metal necklace & tan belt! I’m so used to my own plain T & jeans that it’s very exciting when someone actually inspires me to step out of my usual box. Believe it or not this actually did it for me lol… Kudos Erin now lets both try more looks like this in real life & on the show!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


MORE SEX!!!!!…….in the city that is lol

So after much anticipation the first trailer for Sex and the City part 2 has finally arrived! & because my blogazine has been officially certified as fab-beau-lust by the people who matter most 2 me, I feel obligated by fashion law to post it…Seriously! lol So all you Carrie Bradshaw & Samantha stans (I mean really who can remember the other 2? lol) check out the snippet below…..

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


I am a HUGE fan of Marc Jacobs especially the “affordable” line Marc by Marc Jacobs! It has a lot of cute and quirky pieces that are definitely signature Marc . I actually own a few things & let me tell you anyone that can convince ME to step outside of my usual grane’ (pronounced gran-ye’) chic style deserves a Nobel Peace prize! Anyways I posted this fall ’09 collection because if you haven’t noticed I just like fall collections…Besides Marc was jammin on the 1 @ this show! I don’t see how those people stayed still. Every time I watch it I feel like doing the New Jersey fist bump! lol Check it out 4 yourself & see if you can guess which scarf I have just recently added to my wardrobe!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


The latest “It” shoe for all of the celebs is…..BRIAN ATWOOD’s “Maniac” hidden platform pump! A-listers such as Eva Mendez, IDEAL chic- Zoe Saldana, Hills star Kristin Cavallari, & my favorite socialite KIM -have all hit the red carpet wearing these gorgeous gems and I see why they have been such a hit! They’re simple yet such a staple piece! & the fact that they are almost 6 inches gives me the ULTIMATE shoegasm-especially in the nude complexion! They kind of remind me of the YSL tribute pump….not so much because of the style but because of it’s timeless appeal. You’ll know this is the “Maniac” pump…kind of like you know right away when you see a YSL “Tribute”. Anyways,I WANT A PAIR….too bad they are completely SOLD OUT @ Saks & everywhere else for that matter….

After seeing this insane shoe rightfully called “Maniac” over & over again on the red carpet, I decided to check out what else Mr. Atwood had to offer. It didn’t take long for me to find these super sexy black pumps with metal cutouts (I love the fact that the material is suede) AND these suede peep toe platforms with peek-a-boo studs at my favesite! I can now tell you that I am OFFICIALLY a fan! His shoes are just SO HAUTE! He’s no Louboutin…. who is for that matter but we all know that I have a certain thing for Christian…. something about those red soles….Anyways back to Brian! He is still definitely 1 to lust over!!!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


HEY IDEAL CHICS!!!!!!!!! I know I have been MIA for a while and we have so much catching up to do! But first I would like for you to meet someone……


Who is Tavi you ask?

Well if you let her tell it, she says and I quote:

Tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats. Scatters black petals on Rei Kawakubo’s doorsteps and serenades her in rap. Rather cynical and cute as a drained rat. In a sewer. Farting. And spitting out guts. “


……..Uhhh Okay Tavi ??? lol

Well let me formally introduce you….Ms. Tavi started her own fashion blog, ‘Style Rookie, at age 11! Her parents had no idea what she was up to until she asked them if she could appear in an issue of the New York Times! Since her blog started in 2008, Tavi has been getting up to a millions hits a day and now at age 13 she has become an international sensation! She sat front row at top runway shows such as Marc Jacobs & Alexander Wang during New Fashion Week, appeared on the cover of POP magazine, is the muse behind Rodarte’s contemporary line for Target, and just scored a column in the January issue of Harper’s Bizarre-becoming the youngest writer EVER to work for the magazine!


You know I’m all for young people making major moves besides I like the fact that she look’s like a normal 13 year old girl who just went crazy in her mother’s closet! I always wanted to do that when I was younger but my mom wasn’t going for it lol Even with the glasses, I can relate to her. Anyways, with as much as she is accomplishing at only 13 this just goes to show YOU that your age or anything for that matter can NOT stop you from doing what you want to do ! Go after your dreams people!

Kudos Tavi….Ideal Chic indeed!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife