The ’09 Victoria Secret fashion extravaganza took place last Thursday, and IDEAL chic Ms. Chanel Iman looked extra hype as she strutted the runway for the first time as an official Angel! That is so huge & I would be savoring the moment too if I was her! Besides, the show just looked like a lot of fun! Other top models such as veteran VS angel Selita E. Banks also sashayed the runway looking extra fierce! Plus you know when I see black girls that are tall and a lil lanky like me…. I am obligated to give them their shine Its not always about the thick girls lol So lets take a look at some of the show’s highlights!

Selita E. Banks looked so HAUTE! She worked that runway and those crazy attachments like nobody’s business. I love this shot with her standing tall & proud in between the Black Eyed Peas. Her confidence is so evident! Its like she’s saying “I’m that bitch“, without actually uttering the words… you can just see it! Work it girl!

Chanel looked so cute in her little outfits!(no lesbo lol) The pic to the right cracked me up though because it reminded me so much of myself tootin up what little I have all the time lol! You can tell she was really feelin herself that night….Go head Ms. Chanel you work that lace onesie! lol

However, the biggest moment of the night came when supermodel Heidi Klum stepped foot on the runway! She had just given birth last month to her 4th YES FOURTH CHILD… Heidi and Seal know they be gettin it in don’t they? Seems like she’s always either pregnant or about to give birth lol! Anyways, the blonde bombshell dubbed “the body” wasn’t expected to appear in this year’s show! Well, SURRRPRISSSSE!!! lol She looked great! Go Heidi!

Overall the $10million elaborate production was a total success with over the top costumes that even featured a $3 million diamond encrusted bra!!!! And here I was complaining about not having $50 worth of tits lol The show airs December 1st on CBS @ 10pm. Be sure to check it out!!!!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”

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