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Oh how I love the holidays! Especially THANKSGIVING! Even though I’m a little on the slim side, I absolutely can eat you out of house and home! But if there’s one thing I love more than food it is definitely shopping, shopping, & more shopping! It’s so awesome that I get to eat 1 day, get all full THEN wake up the next day in the wee hours of the morning and shop a bunch of fabulousness that is actually marked down! Now usually you only think of stores like Sears or Wal Mart, Best Buy- you know places that sell flat screen electronics and toys with vouchers and crap!


This is also one of thee BIGGEST days for fashionistas & shopaholics alike! Practically every store will be having some sort of knock out sale! For instance:

1. NINE WEST is offering 50% off the original price of shoes and in some cases you can get an additional 30% off of the lowest markdown price. The sale is the same both in store and online. However, if the shoe you want is online, I suggest you place your order that way because you get free shipping at any price and you can use the promo code NWHOLD9 and get an additional $20 off of your order!

2. KENNETH COLE is also having a great sale. If you couldn’t afford their stuff before you most definitely might be able to now. On black Friday they are offering an astounding 41% off of EVERY SINGLE ITEM in their store for the first four hours of opening. Double check your local area for their opening store hour!

3. MACY’S is also offering an additional 20% off of most items. I’m sure they’ll have some door buster deals on coats as they do every year. So make sure you pay them a visit as well!

4. OLD NAVY will actually be open on Thanksgiving Day to start their Gobblepalooza sale! ALL outerwear is 50% off, sweaters are $15, and they’ll give you a Rock Band Guitar to play Rock Band while you’re waiting in line!

5. NEIMAN MARCUS!! If you spend $100, you’ll get a $50 gift card. That’s like 50% off @ NEIMAN MARCUS!!! Come on guys you can’t beat that. Most of your higher end departments stores such as Saks & Nordstroms have already marked their merchandise up to 40% off including new items!

6. BLOOMINGDALE’S is one of my favorite stores as most of you probably know!!! If you shop online for every $100 you spend, you will recieve a $15 gift card. I’ve shopped this sale before. It’s
pretty good. Hopefully it will be the same in store. (Fingers crossed!)

7. ALDO is offering 30% off of ALL shoes!

8. SEVEN 7 JEANS is also having a good sale. For every $200 you spend, you’ll get a $100 gift card….AWESOME!

You really can’t go wrong when shopping on Black Friday! You’re always able to find some kind of deals- & maybe even get to witness a scuffle or 2. People go nutz to save a few pennies especially during these economic times, you know it’s going down lol!


I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


So, you probably have realized that a certain show was completely absent as a post for IDEAL!


I’m telling you it used to be my favorite show!!! & everyone else’s for that matter! I mean what other sitcom can produce a Christian Siriano? This is probably one of the few contest based shows where I actually remember most of the contestants (Kira San, Jeff, Santino, Ulee, Michael Knight….. I could go on & on). However, ever since Lifetime stole the reality series from Bravo, it has been-in the words of Capricorn- an EPIC FAIL! How can just switching a network bring such a gem like Project Runway all the way down? Hell, I don’t know! lol But after making us wait for what seemed like centuries for a new season while the networks battled it out, the end results of all that fighting really pissed me off!

Besides making a dress out of newspapers, there was no creativity!!! Where was the full corset dress made out of licorice, or the awesome architecture from a coat made out of seat belts? & Why didn’t they have to make an avant garde piece this season? Or did they? Hell I don’t know! Half the time I would forget to even watch & if I did I would end up turning. And whose idea was that god awful post model show? & Since when did Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera become style icons??? & Where the hell was Nina Garcia & Michael Kors? They were only featured on about 2 episodes! Could they not stand what we had to watch either….I mean really imagine having to actually be there to witness that snoozer!

So many unanswered questions! However, I’m sure if I asked Tim Gunn, he would gladly give me the real lowdown especially after that little hissy he threw during the finale’ lol

………FINALLY the finale’ came to the much needed relief of us all & here are my verdicts. I actually had to re watch because I couldn’t remember who was who and what collection went with each designer…..


Carol Hannah..So after I watched this snippet of the show 2 times I finally have my critique. I think the judges were absolutely right when they told her there was no cohesiveness! The first 2 looks and the dress with the silver fitted top and fluffy bottom were standouts. Other than that the separates were lackluster & the outfit with the silver flowy top and skinny pant reminded of pieces from the Macy’s INC brand! That’s all I have for Carol….oh and I kind of liked the gold gown towards the end. Still her collection was all over the place…it needed focus!

Althea! You know I kind of like her style. She made that one outfit during an episode. It was kind of like a suit that had shorts…very clean. But it seemed like once she won the challenge for that fit, she was just a one noter the rest of the way through. Which was evident in this collection. It just seemed to play off of that same outfit. & I’ll say it…I think she was very inspired by Irina’s oversized knits. Anyways, again I agree with the judges her collection included a lot of great separates that I could easily see in department stores today. It was very NOW! With the leather, tailored jackets…you know that 80’s vibe. My fave was actually the tan satin pants with the jacket.Flowed really good. Not bad at all, but not a total wow factor on the runway..Cute just not WOW! & again lacked cohesion! Although she pulled it in a little tighter than Carol Hannah…

Irina was actually my fave of all! After watching her show it was very apparent that she deserved to win! I liked a lot of the clothing & would actually want to wear it. However, her theme of a New Yorker didn’t really gel for me except with the Tshirts. & I’ve seen those helmant hats in another major designer’s collection. Actually that whole collection seemed to channel someone else’s. I just can’t put my hands on it, but you know as soon as I find the resemblance I will let you know. & I also thought it was funny that Nina kind of scolded Irina for having an all black collection. She did the same thing to Christian. I was like “Nina what’s with all the hating for the blacks?”(raised eyebrow) lol BUT she explained that black doesn’t photograph well in editorials…..”Ohhhhhh okay Nina, thnx for the advice but I’ve already done my collection now” lol.

All in all, if you watched the finale’ you really could have done without watching the entire season. It really captured the essence of all of the episodes for season 6. Boring, not memorable, uninspiring….Hopefully season 7 will get back some of the creativity from Bravo when it premieres in January! & speaking of Bravo…Hopefully they will find a better replacement for their original brainchild. I mean really “The Fashion Show”, “Launch My Line”, God help us all! lol

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


The ’09 Victoria Secret fashion extravaganza took place last Thursday, and IDEAL chic Ms. Chanel Iman looked extra hype as she strutted the runway for the first time as an official Angel! That is so huge & I would be savoring the moment too if I was her! Besides, the show just looked like a lot of fun! Other top models such as veteran VS angel Selita E. Banks also sashayed the runway looking extra fierce! Plus you know when I see black girls that are tall and a lil lanky like me…. I am obligated to give them their shine Its not always about the thick girls lol So lets take a look at some of the show’s highlights!

Selita E. Banks looked so HAUTE! She worked that runway and those crazy attachments like nobody’s business. I love this shot with her standing tall & proud in between the Black Eyed Peas. Her confidence is so evident! Its like she’s saying “I’m that bitch“, without actually uttering the words… you can just see it! Work it girl!

Chanel looked so cute in her little outfits!(no lesbo lol) The pic to the right cracked me up though because it reminded me so much of myself tootin up what little I have all the time lol! You can tell she was really feelin herself that night….Go head Ms. Chanel you work that lace onesie! lol

However, the biggest moment of the night came when supermodel Heidi Klum stepped foot on the runway! She had just given birth last month to her 4th YES FOURTH CHILD… Heidi and Seal know they be gettin it in don’t they? Seems like she’s always either pregnant or about to give birth lol! Anyways, the blonde bombshell dubbed “the body” wasn’t expected to appear in this year’s show! Well, SURRRPRISSSSE!!! lol She looked great! Go Heidi!

Overall the $10million elaborate production was a total success with over the top costumes that even featured a $3 million diamond encrusted bra!!!! And here I was complaining about not having $50 worth of tits lol The show airs December 1st on CBS @ 10pm. Be sure to check it out!!!!

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


Overall the red carpet was very lackluster in my eyes. I gave nobody best dressed….but I guess I can let you see the snoozers anyway!

Usually Rihanna can do no wrong, but sometimes she has her moments. This was one of them! I wasn’t feeling this architectual piece at all EVEN with the flowers- which are usually my fave. But, this just looks like one of those slide doors that I see at Chinese restaurants. Disappointing Rhi Rhi!

Not sure if this was JLo’s red carpet look…Although I highly doubt that…. Its probably her post performance fit, but I thought this look was cute. The fit is from the Gucci s/s ’10 collection I posted a while back. I really liked the Elie Saab hair mixed with the fit on the runway and she translated it very well in real life. Even though it’s really not very hard to do….

This was another fit JLo was photographed wearing at the awards…..Cute! Oh and I know she got a lot of flack for that fall during her comeback performance, but honestly I had to watch it like 20 times to see what every1 was talking about! I thought she was trying to do that Janet floor slide lol Overall I thought the performance was “classic” 1999 JLo with the dance moves bubble gum pop techno groove you know same ‘ol same ‘ol to me lol BUT I love Ms. Lopez so don’t yall be talkin bad about my girl. This is her after twins & she looks great….Still not understanding why she had to wear those Beyonce hosiery during her performance tho lol

Oh Melody!!!…..This chic just always seems to get the fits AFTER everyone else lol Remember a while back when Rihanna wore those killer pierced thigh high boots then Melody wore them for her bday weeks later. NOW she’s wearing the exact same dress in white to the AMA’s that Beyonce wore to the European Music Awards a few weeks ago. Its like they take it to Plato’s closet and Melody comes in for the deal! Ouch… I know, but Melody I just wish you would be a FIRST for once not just a Ms. Me 2! So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you….


I can’t really say anything bad about my girl Mary! Her red carpet look was alright. It’s a simple long black gown. So, you can’t really go wrong with this choice. Overall, Mary was looking good last night. From her hair to her physique…She just had a glow about her. I’m always Team Mary! How can you not be?

Ummm…… Kerri’s look was neither here nor there. It was kind of blah for me. I am glad that she got rid of that little curl thing she had happenin for a minute tho… However, there was something kind of weird about the makeup….more around her eyes. I’m thinking it’s that white eyeliner. I just wasn’t feeling it.

I wasn’t feeling Alicia’s look either! It was just too much blue and I didn’t really like the dress. btw if you get a chance please youtube her AMA performance. Poor Alicia tried to work it in them heels butterflyin & stuff lol……. I know she’s tryna step away from that piano a little but….I guess I coulda posted it, but I really didn’t want to spend that much time on this AMA post so I’ll just let you check it out for yourself! lmfao

Again, another long black dress that was neither here nor there. blah…..and Toni that wig! Come on!!!!

Kelly Clarkson?? She’s always been a thicker girl, but I almost didn’t even recognize her! And if I’m not mistaken she’s wearing Sam Edelman pumps. I would expect a label that’s a little more elite from a celebrity on the red carpet……

Hmmm Leona…….It just seems like I’ve seen this dress on her before, but I’ve never really been a big fan of her style anyways. She’s kind of a one noter…..zzzzzzzzzzzz

ALRIGHT ENOUGH OF THIS….end of post! lol

I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


Chile I always knew Bey Bey Bey had a little freak in her! Hell, she’s gotta compete with Rhi Rhi whose been practically naked in everything lately! & you know B wasn’t havin that lil island chic steal all her shine! So, she has step’d up the sex meter full throttle! Halo my ass! She poppin, bent over, lickin lips, grabbin herself. Could Jay be the reason she’s channelin this inner freak or maybe Julius hmmm lol j/k you know IDEAL is NOT a gossiper! (Yall so messy lol) Anyways, I was excited about Lady Gaga until I actually watched the vid…She was very irrelevant, only had on 1 outfit and it was wayyy to NORMAL!& where the heck was her infamous mask! Ugh blah Her part kinda sux anyway…. O well, I gtta give it to B though… It was very different 4 her & she worked this ish!


I D.efine E.very A.spect of L.ife”


Okay, I’ve never really been a fan of Mariah Carey’s style anyway & this photo just shows you 1 of the reasons why! That leather jacket is like 2 sizes waaay too small, the skirt is extremely unflattering & it looks like someone let the air out of her ass! Sorry Mariah, but you are a thicker girl & your clothes are always just waaay to tight for your figure! I would say try again but Mariah has showed us this similar kind of outfit so many damn times! So, I’m sure we are just 1 spandex mini dress away from seeing another 1! (sigh)
I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


Okay, I’ve never really been a fan of Mariah Carey’s style anyway & this photo just shows you 1 of the reasons why! That leather jacket is like 2 sizes waaay too small, the skirt is extremely unflattering & it looks like someone let the air out of her ass! Sorry Mariah, but you are a thicker girl & your clothes are always just waaay to tight for your figure! I would say try again but Mariah has showed us this similar kind of outfit so many damn times! So, I’m sure we are just 1 spandex mini dress away from seeing another 1! (sigh)
I D.efine E.very A.spect of my L.ife”


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Okay I have no idea how the hell I became such a Gaga Stan! I mean that b*tch is STRANGE, WEIRD, CRAZY, ODD – I could go on…..BUT somehow I like her lol! Again, don’t ask me why or how I got bit by the Gaga bug, but I think it was “Love Games” lol Anyways, of course I watched the premiere of her brand new video, “Bad Romance“- featured on the re-release of her album- Fame Monster.

So, I’m watchin…watchin…then all of sudden BAM: I start to notice the shoes! Not just any shoes THEE SHOES! Does Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis ring a bell? OMFG She had on those scandalous heels! EVEN the 12…YES TWELVE INCH BALLET STILETTOS & she walks in them! Work! 4get Camlla….any chic that dares to wear those lobster claws are officially thee FIRST to actually WEAR that McQueen collection! & of course it makes sense because the designer actually premiered this song during the Plato Atlantis runway show! Seeing this video made that whole collection actually make even more sense to me!

Anyways, the video is stoopid dope!…& I don’t even talk like that lmao (Chile Gaga got me all confused!) but that’s just how amaaaazing I thought it was! Say whatever you will about Gaga but she’s just so creative, she speaks to a certain audience & you can’t knock her for that! Well, what are you waiting for….. check it out! lol

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Well lookie loookie (Shanaenae voice) lol Looks like LeToya showed Ms. Alicia! lol She is thee FIRST to debut the Balmain studded jacket that both chics are wearing in their new videos! LeToya’s single “Regret” premiered today on 106 & Park and she looked very pretty might I add….. even with the purple lipstick-which I am NOT a fan of @ all! She’ll probably regret that in about a year or so, but for now she still looked cute lol! I, also, liked the ponytail on her with the side bang.

All in all, I like this song 2!… The only line I don’t can’t get with is: “suicide doors I co-sgined” WTF? Ladies that is the ULTIMATE NO NO! You’ll regret that 2 when he leaves yo ass wit bad credit for not payin, BUT maybe she just needed something to rhyme lol Check out the video below!

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